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DJ Premier interview with Philaflava

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Wassuuuuuup everybody, after a week of searching we’re now settled in/on our brand new server. Our new server is located in NYC. We are now working together with from Hollywood who offered us free space on their cloud server. They are a very dope company, go check it out in a hurry to show us our love. Much blessings to them and especially Pierre Bradshaw!

Also: a lot of blessings to the other companies/people who wanted to help the site out, you will not be forgotten!!! I’m very emotional thanks to your love… this is why I still do this. Thank you all, can’t say it enough…

If you see some bugs/problems on the site, just let me know!

And now lets get back to the program and post some REAL HIP HOP :D.


Bekay – Hunger Pains (Instrumentals) FULL DOWNLOAD

Exclusively limited on DJ Premier Blog for everybody. In association with Coalmine Records. Absolutely free and limited to 5 days. We present to you the instrumental album of Bekay latest project, “Hunger Pains“. Instrumentals of hip hop famous beatmakers like The Alchemist, DJ Babu, Marco Polo, Illmind & J.R. Rotem. And watch out for upcoming beatmaker all way from Germany, Shuko! Hear first before you cop, that’s what we talking about. If you like it, support the indie label! The album features guests like Masta Ace, R.A. The Rugged Man, DJ Revolution, Heltah Skeltah, Wordsworth, Saigon, Inspectah Deck and Dilated Peoples!! Only real hip-hop will last forever…


01. Intro (Prod. by The Returners)
02. I Am (Feat. DJ Revolution) (Prod. by The Alchemist)
03. Pipe Dreams (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man) (Prod. by Marco Polo)
04. Bloodsport (Prod. by Shuko)
05. Young (Prod. by Shuko)
06. Rapstar (Hunger Pains) (Prod. by Alkota)
07. Crazy (Feat. Heltah Skeltah) (Prod. by Illmind)
08. Brooklyn Bridge Feat. Masta Ace) (Prod. by DJ Babu)
09. That’s Brooklyn (Skit)
10. Skemers (Feat. Wordsworth) (Prod. by Shuko)
11. Realest That Run It (Prod. by Contagious)
12. Pops (Prod. by BeanOne)
13. The Raw (Feat. Saigon & Inspectah Deck) (Prod. by Street Orchestra)
14. Visions (Prod. by J.R. Rotem)
15. I Am (Remix) (Feat. Dilated Peoples) (Prod. by The Alchemist)

DONWLOAD: Bekay – Hunger Pains (Instrumentals)

If you don’t like don’t cop it, if you like it, support it:


Thank you for reading, and keep in mind, limited ’till friday!!

Bekay – Hunger Pains (Coalmine Records)

Wassup everybody!! Like I did a several times, I want to help more friends with this blog (that has more visitors than expected / wanted). I promise you, I listen to a lot of hip-hop but this album got me into discussion with my friends and they all co-signed, one of the best this year. I said that a couple of times this year, actually, exact a couple of times, so in my opinion it’s the 3rd best album of the year. You heard it right people!! I’ll help you all to get into it, lets go!! Three tracks were produced by Shuko (from Germany, worked with OC, Big Noyd and more), and he is totally Preemish if you know what I mean. Bekay‘s latest video clip is produced by him named “Bloodsport“, check this first one out:

I promise you, all his beats sounds like bangers!! The album is featured with respected artists like Masta Ace, DJ Revolution, R.A. The Rugged Man, Heltah Skeltah, Wordsworth, Saigon and even Inspectah Deck!! You can tell Bekay really worked hard to get the co sign of follow artists, but also respected producers gave him credit, beatmakers like Alchemist, DJ Babu, J.R. Rotem and Marco Polo!! The Masta Ace track was actually the first single of his album and was already in heavy rotation on real rough hip-hop channels (like Preems channel), go check it out:

Still not convinced? Now it’s my time, I’m going to pick the realest track of the album, the dopest Marco Polo track of this year! Judge yourself, featuring R.A. The Rugged Man:

Bekay – Pipe Dreams (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man) (Prod. by Marco Polo)

Bekay – Pipe Dreams (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man) (Prod. by Marco Polo) (Instrumental)

And yes, I added co signing of DJ Premier himself to the track, the evidence is there. But don’t worry, the track itself is CDQ.

Now I know a lot of my visitors that are reading this have this feeling, “I already know this artists, I already supported the guy” (like me). But when you know some history facts of him you will say “That’s wassup”. He doesn’t fuck with the major, he doesn’t fuck with the commercial shit, why? Born and raised in Brooklyn he started to rhyme very young. Follow friend Brooklyn star Ol’ Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.) recorded one of his last rhymes on a single of Bekay named “Where Brooklyn At?“, one week before they were going to shoot the clip he passed away. So the label T.S.O.B. Records forwarded they still wanted to do the clip because there eyes were turning green, you feel me? Why not profit from his death like they always do. Bekay didn’t fucked with that and leaved the label. Now signed to indie label Coalmine Records they are starting to make something complete. With great visions and a lot of mutual respect to the hip-hop community. That’s the main reason I’m writing this, respect needed to be deserved. Money is second, it’s necessary to survive, but second. And like DJ Premier said, wack is wack and dope is dope, underground will live for ever baby! I would like to thank everybody for reading, I mean EVERYBODY!! Support this my friends, try to show your genre love, you can buy it here:





01 Bekay – Intro (Prod. The Returners)
02 Bekay ft. Dj Revolution – I Am (Prod. The Alchemist)
03 Bekay ft. R.A. The Rugged Man – Pipe Dreams (Prod. Marco Polo)
04 Bekay – Bloodsport (Prod. Shuko)
05 Bekay – Young (Prod. Shuko)
06 Bekay – Rapstar (Hunger Pains) (Prod. Alkota & Unknown)
07 Bekay ft. Heltah Skeltah – Crazy (Prod. Illmind)
08 Bekay ft. Masta Ace – Brooklyn Bridge (Prod. Dj Babu)
09 Bekay – That’s Brooklyn (Skit)
10 Bekay ft. Wordsworth – Skemers (Prod. Shuko)
11 Bekay – Realest That Run It (Prod. Contagious)
12 Bekay – Pops (Prod. Beanone)
13 Bekay ft. Saigon, Inspectah Deck – The Raw (Prod. Street Orchestra)
14 Bekay – Visions (Prod. Jonathan Rotem)
15 Bekay ft. Dilated Peoples – I Am (Remix) (Prod. The Alchemist)

Coalmine Records and Bekay worked hard on this product and have a lot of goodies for us, and present to us an offer that was never done before, they want everybody to get the real deal to hear it for them selfs. Listen up closely, from Monday till Friday night next week you will get the INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM as a free download here!! Yeah, you hear it. Exclusively on this blog, the instrumental album of Bekay for free! Don’t forget next week people, it will be off this blog on next Friday 11:59 pm. And here you find images and wallpapers of the album, holla!!


Coalmine Records
Bekay on Twitter
Bekay on MySpace

Interview with Bekay in HipHopDX

Questions can be asked in the comments!

1st April Fools!!

I’m allowed sons, I’m allowed God! It’s the first of April so I can post this haha:

Props to Sauli for this art and Guru: this blog got nothing to do with DJ Premier personal. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the program folks.

Lamont Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999), also known by his stage name Big L, was an American rapper.

Big L was shot and killed in Harlem on the night of February 15, 1999. Gerard Woodley, a childhood friend of Big L, was arrested in May for the crime. At the time of his death, L had two brothers in prison. “It’s a good possibility it was retaliation for something Big L’s brother did, or Woodley believed he had done,” said Lt. Ellen Caniglia, spokesperson for the NYPD. Woodley was later released and the murder remains unsolved.

First post

First of all: welcome to this blog that’s dedicated to DJ Premier. I’m just starting this blog because I have too much time left and Don-Rif hasn’t (big shout out to Don-Rif for starting this blog shit!). I’ll try to inform you on everything DJ Premier does. I know there is another blog that is dedicated to DJ Premier from a guy from London but he also doesn’t update too often, mostly when preem send him stuff to write about… But don’t worry, he is also here on this blog with us. I hope you people are open minded and show some luvvvv.

This blog works close with his forum (, so time by time you will see posts that are also on the forum where we talk shit all the time (shout out to crackdaddy!).

Mmm that Toblerone is fuckin’ delicious, everybody should buy it!!!! It’s too strong!!!

Ok, now lets start with the serious work… Ohh, and please support DJ Premier! But don’t worry, I’ll post ads to his work when I feel to it. Also big shout to my man FubiZz for makin’ that picture in his creative houres of the day!

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