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First of all I would like to thank every one of you for visiting this site. This site is completely dedicated to DJ Premier and his work. Important note, it’s a fansite done by gimantalon. This site is completely separated from DJ Premier himself or his company. But next to his blessing we do work together on some levels to give the users the best and up to date information. You will also find work done by friend/artists of DJ Premier.

The DJ Premier fanbase on the internet goes way back when the first DJ Premier site was on geocities, this one was soon death but later Moe from Germany started a DJ Premier forum and Don-Rif from Morocco started DJ Premier Planet with posting up new tracks and the hard play tracks. He was the first person with a blog about DJ Premier. But also his blog went death. I took the forum over, but later gave it too Crackdaddy from Denmark. All the close fans from the sites moved with him. I took over the DJ Premier trackology. I thought in late 2008 I could make it with a up to date DJ Premier Blog and trying to keep it alive for the people of the forum. My blog was picked up by a lot of people and after one year I had major success so I had to look out for another place. Then I started with integrated trackology, forum and more. Everything on one place. That’s the history!

Now some information about me, I’m a 80’s born white human from the suburbs of Belgium, Europe. I began to listen to DJ Premier very late in the 00’s. But since then I started fully supporting his work and digging deeper and deeper in the 90s sound. I’ve collected a lot of 90s shit, both, digital as vinyl. Ow yeah, one more thing. My mother language isn’t English, but Dutch!

I hope you will enjoy your time visiting this blog, if you have any questions feel free to mail me. You can also mail me with any contribution. Word is bond!!


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