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Blaq Poet – Strech Marks & Cigarette Burns (Feat. Panchi & Imani Montana) (DJ Brans Remix)

Here’s the first single of DJ Brans (France) upcoming mixtape “The Dynamite Beats” (mixed by DJ Djaz from Effiscienz) which includes remixes and unreleased products by DJ Brans. Its release is scheduled for March 14 for free download, until the release in April of The BRANStorm album of DJ Brans. Enjoy the remix for this Premo track:

Blaq Poet – Strech Marks & Cigarette Burns (Feat. Panchi & Imani Montana) (DJ Brans Remix)

Crazeology – Ps n Qs (Feat. Reks & DJ Bizkid) (Prod. by Weirdo)

Here’s the cdq of the newest single of Crazeology upcoming debut album featuring Reks, the producer duo from Italy getting played a lot on DJ Premier’s show LiveFromHQ. Their new album will have features from Supastition, Vast Aire, Verbal Thread, Rasco, Torae, Ruste Juxx, Singapore Kane, Smiley the Ghetto Child, Blaq Poet and more. I love their sounds, check:

Crazeology – Ps n Qs (Feat. Reks & DJ Bizkid) (Prod. by Weirdo)

Album dropping tomorrow on iTunes. You can also buy the physical CD here. Support!

El Da Sensei – Nu World (Part II) (Feat. Nutso & Soul Khan) (Produced by The Returners)

It’s been just over a year since the release of El Da Sensei’s acclaimed full length lp, Global Takeover 2: Nu World (GT2). In less than two weeks, the New Jeru emcee will drop the project’s follow-up release in the form of The Nu World Remix EP; a five track EP containing five remixes of three songs featured on GT2. To get the campaign in motion, Coalmine has made “Nu World” [Part II] available for free download. The song features a revamped version of the original beat along with new cuts, produced by The Returners, equipped with a new verse from El and guest features from Q-borough’s Nutso and Soul Khan of the Brown Bag AllStars. The Nu World Remix EP includes features from Tame One, Rah Digga, Mela Machinko, Sean Price & Bekay, along with production from !llmind, M-Phazes and more…stay tuned!

El Da Sensei – Nu World (Part II) (Feat. Nutso & Soul Khan) (Produced by The Returners)

(you can listen to the !llmind remix here with Rah Digga)

I knooooooow it doesn’t sound 100% Preemish, but I like to just help (American & European) friends. Plus it does sound hot, otherwise you can be sure I wouldn’t post it lol. Underground hip hop are US!!

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Preemish: Tribeca – The World’s Best (Prod. by DJ Cosla)

Wassup Cosla, I remember you from the forum years back !! Dope track man…

Preemish: Mr. Lif – Universal (Feat. Insight) (Prod. by Insight)

Knock knock… who the fuck is banging at your door? It’s the preemish section,

this time we talk about a genius lyricist and a heavyweight in the underground Hip-Hop scene. Boston born Mr. Lif performed since ’94 and in the early days he focused on battle rhymes which you can hear on tracks such as “Be Out” or “The Nothing” which was the B-side of his debut vinyl single “Elektro” in ’98. His lyrical focus gradually changed as time went by. Stamped by the difficulties his parents had due to the system when he was young and inspired by the likes of Chuck D his lyrics began touching political issues and getting more and more critical towards society or the American way of life (e.g. his track “New Man Theme”). He can most likely be assigned to conscious rap. Lif is eloquent, critical and has a murderous flow and an exceptionally large vocabulary. He’s a true poet and perfect storyteller like KRS-One or Guru. Some even call him the Chuck D of the next generation. After dropping some more singles he signed to El-P’s label Def Jux and released the political motivated EP’s “Enters the Colossus” in 2000 and “Emergency Rations” two years later. In 2002 Lif did his first full length album “I Phantom” which was highly anticipated by the underground scene at its time and delivered the goods. “I Phantom” tells a story throughout 14 tracks where the listener follows Lif’s journey starting with rising up from a poor background to success and ending with an apocalyptic showdown. The album is a masterpiece in my opinion. Lif did another album on Def Jux in 2006 called “Mo’ Mega” which describes the disharmony between the working class and the elite. His newest album “I heard it today” was released in 2009 on his own label Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises. Aditionally, Lif did a live album (“Live from the Middle East”) and had releases with his former group “The Perceptionists”. Production is done by El-P most of the time but Fakts One and Insight did a lot of beats for Lif as well.

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Lif until now I highly recommend going to a video sharing site and watch the complete video of “Live from the Plantation”, a dope track of his LP “I Phantom” about your dayjob. The track is a prime example of Lif’s sound and his attributes above mentioned.
To those who are familiar with Lif and always asked yourself like I did: “Live from the Plantation” on his live album was produced by Lif and the original version but he decided to use Edan’s beat for “I Phantom”. Oh and by the way: His name comes from the band Phish. When Lif heard the track “Liftedly Man” he adopted Liftedly and shortened it to Lif whereas the addition „Mr.“ comes from his friends.

Mr. Lif – Universal (Feat. Insight) (Prod. by Insight)

run, step, yeah bounce ni99a bounce … all you pussy rappers be out,


Preemish: Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)

Dong dong dong! Next round!

New Jersey rapper Snacky Chan (korean roots) has been pounding the underground in 2004 with his debut LP “Part of the Nation”. Before that he called attention with some 12 Inches like “Radio Wars” or “Politickin” and his EP “The Official Bootlegs” in 2003 which he continued by part 2 “The Killa Tape: Official Bootlegs” in 2006. For his production Chan gets producers like the Soul Searchers on board and especially DJ Supreme One who did the whole production for “Part of the Nation” and whose beats quite often have a Premier touch. A very good live DJ as well on a side note. For today’s track we listen to “No Regrets” from Chan’s LP.

Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)

all the money in the world can’t replace respect,


Preemish: Headkrack – Clear (As Live As It Gets) (Cuts by DJ MP) (Prod. by The ARE)

Here we go again,

first of all I want to note something quickly in order to prevent grumbling in future: It’s not the goal to encourage people to try as hard as possible to sound like Premier with this section. If you sit down and do a beat then let your creativity run. That should be the highest priority to any beatmaker. If it turns out your beat has a similarity to Preemo’s swing in the end then that’s the way it is. Neither do I struggle finding some kind of replacement cause no one wants that nor is it possible anyway. However, if you love Premier’s sound (who doesn’t?) chances are high you will also like let’s say Dilated Peoples just as an example and that’s where this section comes into play. That’s why we’re talking about artists whose music is – sometimes more or sometimes just on individual tracks- inspired by Premier, so see it as a suggestion to check out and listen to some other artists that share the same passion or do I write a summarizing text out of sheer fun to the entries?! So if you get that and still don’t like it: scroll down! To those who like it: Let’s go!

Headkrack the Gat is most known for his collaborations with K-Otix. He appeared on several K-Otix tracks such as the classic underground cut “Untitled” or on “The Hustler’s Theme”, a solo album of K.O.’s former inhouse producer The ARE. Speaking of The ARE: He’s been around for a long time and I think most have already heard of him. He’s a fucking beast on the MPC. From time to time The Are and Krack do some single joints like “Grizzly” or the banger “War” (“3000 Light Years” with Kay from ’06) which I had to think twice if I should rather pick that for this entry. Apart from his collaborations with K-Otix and several features on various compilations, Headkrack did the Mixtape “Second Renaissance” and is currently working on an album with two other MC’s (“Travii” and “Keynote”) called “The Bodega Brovas”. And now let’s get to the track, “Clear” was Krack’s debut 12” from ’99 which was done in the meantime between K.O.’s “Spontaneity” EP (’97) and their first album “Universal” (’01), both very dope albums by the way.

Headkrack – Clear (As Live As It Gets) (Cuts by DJ MP) (Prod. by The ARE)

if you take offence, fuck it, got to be that way,


Preemish: Free Speech & Nameles – The Anthem (Prod. by Nameles)

Hey everybody, let’s roll!

Not much can be said about our next favored two. Los Angeles duo MC Free Speech and producer Nameles did the mixtape “Calisthenix” in 2006. In the same year Speech dropped a 10-track album called “Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth” together with producer Ro Blvd. We give a listen to their leadsingle “The Anthem” of “Calisthenix”. How often have you been disappointed by a title that doesn’t deliver what it promises to be? Especially for “The Anthem” titles that’s often the case. Not so on this one. The duo may be quite nameless but this track has the fire to make you speechless. My advice quit talking it’s over:

Free Speech & Nameles – The Anthem (Prod. by Nameles)



Preemish: Breez Evahflowin – I Love Hip-Hop (Prod. by DJ Fakts One)

Dear ni99as and white ni99as,

we go on with the next round. Today we continue with a man people say it wasn’t hard for him to grab the mic and represent. Probably cuz hip-hop’s been running through his veins ever since. We’re talking about Breez Evahflowin’.

MC Breez was a founding member of the rap collective “Stronghold” (Poison Pen, LIFE Long etc., most known due to C-Rayz Walz in my opinion to be honest). He emerged as a leading force in the New York and national battle rap scenes during the late ’90s and was crowned National Grand Champion at the Blaze Battle Competition in ‘99. However, to this day Breez has remained relatively unknown and low key. He generated popularity slowly with his EP’s (“Pro-Files”, “Fly”), LP’s (“Troublemakers” with Dirt E Dutch, “Breez deez Treez” and his goodbye album “As he goes on…” in ’10) and a big ass full of 12 inches (“Forsaken”, “I heard it”, “Refined” etc.). We check out his 12 inch “Between dah seams” today and listen to his cut “I love Hip-Hop” cause that’s what we do too! The beat was done by the good old Fakts Uno who you certainly already have heard of somehow, be it for some of his production for many artists or his group the Perceptionists together with Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. Is this rap shyt worth more than gold? Breez might give an answer:

Breez Evahflowin – I Love Hip-Hop (Prod. by DJ Fakts One)


FubiZz (

Preemish: Frankenstein – The Projects (Remix) (Prod. by Frankenstein)

What’s up everybody, I used to had this category where I posted tracks with a beat that sounds a lot like Premos signature sound to fill the site and make it more dope. Because we all know his signature sound sounds the phattest. Meanwhile it’s a long time ago I posted some new Preemish because of my time schedule (work etc, i started this blog to fill my time because i had no job, time changes). So i’m giving out this category to my man FubiZz from Germany. Go do your wicked thing xD, hate it or love it… FubiZz presents Preemish:

Hey folks,

who doesn’t love Preemo’s signature sound? Or more precisely said: his sicknature sound cause his style is sick by nature. Now, personally I have to say I’m glad to see that a lot of producers are heavily influenced by Premier’s style. Don’t blame them for being copycats cause at the end of the day that’s what everybody is, even Premier himself is a copycat as well. By selecting what you copy you just show on which bus you’re riding with. Further, who wants to miss the Premier style when the day comes there won’t be any more beats by the master himself?

So, that being said, here we make a start with the very talented Canadian MC and producer Frankenstein a.k.a. Frankie Ano. His music style comes straight from the golden era, you can hear the influence from the likes of Preemo, Pete Rock, Da Beatminerz, Large Pro etc. He does all the nasty things to the listener; his limited edition album “Studio Sessions Worx in Progress” will melt your needles and his EP “UV”, the remix compilation album “Live from New York”, plus numerous ill 12 inches will break you necks. Be sure to check out his stuff if you haven’t so far, I recommend listening to his joint “Agony and Ecstasy” which is a secret classic. Unfortunately Frank disappeared from the scene as mysteriously as he appeared. For this preemish post we will give you a listen of his remix for his joint “The Projects”, produced by Frankanstino himself: punchy kicks, snares more crispy than corn flakes, samples chopped like Suey, spiced with fizzy hats and garnished with a thick bass, Bon Appétit!

Frankenstein – The Projects (Remix) (Prod. by Frankenstein)

yes yes yoooor,