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Preemish: Headkrack – Clear (As Live As It Gets) (Cuts by DJ MP) (Prod. by The ARE)

Here we go again,

first of all I want to note something quickly in order to prevent grumbling in future: It’s not the goal to encourage people to try as hard as possible to sound like Premier with this section. If you sit down and do a beat then let your creativity run. That should be the highest priority to any beatmaker. If it turns out your beat has a similarity to Preemo’s swing in the end then that’s the way it is. Neither do I struggle finding some kind of replacement cause no one wants that nor is it possible anyway. However, if you love Premier’s sound (who doesn’t?) chances are high you will also like let’s say Dilated Peoples just as an example and that’s where this section comes into play. That’s why we’re talking about artists whose music is – sometimes more or sometimes just on individual tracks- inspired by Premier, so see it as a suggestion to check out and listen to some other artists that share the same passion or do I write a summarizing text out of sheer fun to the entries?! So if you get that and still don’t like it: scroll down! To those who like it: Let’s go!

Headkrack the Gat is most known for his collaborations with K-Otix. He appeared on several K-Otix tracks such as the classic underground cut “Untitled” or on “The Hustler’s Theme”, a solo album of K.O.’s former inhouse producer The ARE. Speaking of The ARE: He’s been around for a long time and I think most have already heard of him. He’s a fucking beast on the MPC. From time to time The Are and Krack do some single joints like “Grizzly” or the banger “War” (“3000 Light Years” with Kay from ’06) which I had to think twice if I should rather pick that for this entry. Apart from his collaborations with K-Otix and several features on various compilations, Headkrack did the Mixtape “Second Renaissance” and is currently working on an album with two other MC’s (“Travii” and “Keynote”) called “The Bodega Brovas”. And now let’s get to the track, “Clear” was Krack’s debut 12” from ’99 which was done in the meantime between K.O.’s “Spontaneity” EP (’97) and their first album “Universal” (’01), both very dope albums by the way.

Headkrack – Clear (As Live As It Gets) (Cuts by DJ MP) (Prod. by The ARE)

if you take offence, fuck it, got to be that way,


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8 Responses to “Preemish: Headkrack – Clear (As Live As It Gets) (Cuts by DJ MP) (Prod. by The ARE)”

  • Comment from who shot john

    Wow. The scratches on this track are spot on. Good work

  • Comment from krudanze

    haha nice picture 🙂

  • Comment from MAZA

    FubiZz, yall got no knowledge to develop grooves.
    Fuck yourselves and get a life.

    Itz not about imitate Preemo Swing, is about develop and raw groove. Preemo does it! 100 percent, so you can figure that make a beat is not only fill patterns on a software ou beat machine.
    Music is not ^Squary^ it is Harmonic.

    If you dont post this comment this #### is not a BLOG.

    Besides that.. the track you posted is nice.
    Got some groove, props to who understand about groove.

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ MAZA: Okay! I agree with you I’ve expressed myself not precisely enough but in the end I wanted to make the side note short and you got my point. Don’t be so prejudiced, I know about grooves.

    Glad you like it apart from that, so thx.

  • Comment from kam

    lmao @ that pic

  • Comment from Maza

    Aight FubiZz!
    You got a friend now! LOL
    Peace! Much love!

  • Comment from yoyo

    Wack ass beat… can you post some preemish beats that have some soul? this shit is WACK. Post some Gang Starr ish beats. That would be nice.. or just a little bit more quality preemish beats? I know ALC and even Marley and PR got some Preemish beats.

  • Comment from FubiZz

    no, because posting the usual suspects is BORING.

    Everybody knows the tracks of Pete Rock, Alchemist, Marco Polo etc. so what’s the point posting them?

    If it’s so exciting for you seeing a track posted you already know why would you even follow the section??????

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