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Guru x Converse Shoes x The X Label Out

The X Label is bringing to you this collaboration with The Ave Venice, located in Venice Beach, CA. The Ave Venice specializes in custom design utilizing cutting edge technology mixed with their own creative engineering and software development. The X Label in conjunction with The Ave Venice will be releasing 50 pairs of the limited edition Keithy E Demo Tape Shoe. Like the Keithy E Demo Tape t-shirt, the shoe consist of the cover of Guru’s first demo tape on the outer and inner parts of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe holds Guru’s signature “Keithy E” imprinted across the upper flap. This exclusive yet personal item will not only be marked by the shoe number but also our favorite Guru song 1-50. These exclusive kicks will sell out quickly!!

Order now at or

rip guru!!

Guru’s Mural At Alma Mater Morehouse Clip

On April 20th, 2011 the Morehouse Office of Housing and Residential Life, Residence Hall Association, and Society Mag presented the 2nd Annual Renaissance Arts Festival. During the Arts Festival there was a live painting tribute to an esteemed Morehouse alum and hip hop legend Keith “Guru” Elam ’83 who passed away on April 19th, 2010.

The painting was done by Jordan Jackson founder and owner of Original State of Mind, LLC.

R.I.P. Guru

Roy Ayers Talks Hip Hop Sampling & Touring With Guru

Guru Tribute T-Shirt by ABCNT

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DJ Premier Lists His 50 Favourite Songs Featuring Guru

Here’s DJ Premier own personal list of the 50 greatest songs featuring Guru:

1. Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth
2. Gang Starr – Above The Clouds (Feat. Inspectah Deck)
3. Gang Starr – Soliloquy Of Chaos
4. Slam Slam – Free Your Feelings (Gang Starr Remix)
5. A.G. – Weed Scented (Feat. Gang Starr, Party Arty & OC)
6. Gang Starr – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
7. Gang Starr – Play That Beat (Feat. DJ Slynkee & DJ Skribble)
8. Gang Starr – The Piecemaker
9. M.O.P. – Salute Pt. 2 (Feat. Gang Starr)
10. Gang Starr – Natural (Feat. HeadQcourterz)
11. Gang Starr – Jazz Thing (Video Mix)
12. Gang Starr – Robin Hood Theory
13. Gang Starr – Royalty (Feat. K-Ci & JoJo)
14. Gang Starr – JFK 2 LAX
15. Gang Starr – Deadly Habitz
16. Gang Starr – The Militia (Feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx)
17. Gang Starr – Mass Appeal
18. Gang Starr – Zonin
19. Gang Starr – Next Time
20. Gang Starr – Betrayal (Feat. Scarface)
21. Gang Starr – All 4 Tha Ca$h
22. Gang Starr – Full Clip
23. Gang Starr – Ex Girl To Next Girl
24. Gang Starr – Alongwaytogo
25. Gang Starr – Take It Personal
26. Gang Starr – Credit Is Due
27. Gang Starr – DWYCK (Feat. Nice N Smooth)
28. Gang Starr – Take Two And Pass
29. Gang Starr – I’m The Man (Feat. Lil Dap & Jeru the Damaja)
30. Gang Starr – Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Pt. 2)
31. Gang Starr – Street Ministry
32. Gang Starr – Check The Technique
33. Gang Starr – Beyond Comprehension
34. Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep
35. Gang Starr – Precisely The Right Rhymes
36. Gang Starr – Battle
37. Gang Starr – The ? Remainz
38. Gang Starr – 1/2 & 1/2 (Feat. M.O.P.)
39. Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout (Feat. Lil Dap & Jeru the Damaja)
40. Gang Starr – Mostly The Voice
41. Gang Starr – Tonz O’ Gunz
42. Gang Starr – In This Life (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Uncle Reo)
43. Gang Starr – Who Got Gunz (Feat. M.O.P. & Fat Joe)
44. Gang Starr – Rite Where U Stand (Feat. Jadakiss)
45. Gang Starr – Piece Of Mine
46. Gang Starr – You Know My Steez
47. Gang Starr – Brainstorm
48. Guru – Loungin’
49. Gang Starr – Words I Manifest (Remix)
50. Gang Starr – Eulogy

This is not in any particular order.

R.I.P. Keith “Guru” Elam.

Exclusive: Big Shug – We Miss You (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Guru’s 50th Birthday Tribute) CDQ

Gang Starr Foundation members Big Shug and DJ Premier celebrating Guru’s upcoming 50th birthday (July 17th) with a tribute track to the late legend. Much respect to Big Shug, Rest In Power Keith “Guru” Elam. This is for you:

Big Shug – We Miss You (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Guru’s 50th Birthday Tribute)

The beat was made in 2004 for Mary J Blige, but rejected.

rip. we miss you.

Big Shug & DJ Premier Releasing A Tribute Song For Guru’s 50th Birthday

DJ Premier, Lil Fame, Lazy Laze, Billy Danze, Phat Gary, Biggest Gord, Big Shug & Guru

Big Shug teamed up once again with DJ Premier to work on a song, but this one will be something special, emotional and never done before. The original Gang Starr member Big Shug is going to dedicate a track named “Miss You” to the late Gang Starr front man Guru. This couldn’t be done without DJ Premier to make this track go right into the books. On July 17th Keith “Guru” Elam would turn 50 years old. Be on the lookout and Guru, we never forget you!

@DonartG Big Shug and I did I song called “Miss You”…coming out 2mrrw….less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply


Revive Da Live’s Big Band Tribute to Guru Video Report

What I notice is that still in 2011 Greg Nice is one of the coolest dudes in the game. His energy is an example for todays hip hop. I would love to party with that dude!!

Props to Brian Pace.

rip guru.

Some Vintage Gang Starr Clips…

Watch live streaming video from worksofmart at


R.I.P. Keith “Guru” Elam 1 Year Anniversary Tribute Live On Hot 97 by DJ Premier

DJ Premier – R.I.P. Keith “Guru” Elam 1 Year Anniversary Tribute Live On Hot 97 by DJ Premier

It can’t get more official… rip guru.