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Guru Tribute T-Shirt by ABCNT

Want this ultra dope tee? Click HERE!

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11 Responses to “Guru Tribute T-Shirt by ABCNT”

  • Comment from Oh Jay

    i bought one!

  • Comment from hashmills

    fire! get it while it’s here! r.i.p GURU!

  • Comment from nike air max

    what s the brand of this t-shirt?

  • Comment from jean ferrat

    Can’t you leave Guru RIP for a moment? some many “follower wannabee” : “i would buy one”…wtf is that?

    do u plan to purchase the Guru toilet paper too (make ur as* smell like hardcore sh*t)? the guru iPhone case too ? the Guru towel?

    sure it looks ultra dope to me….it’s so cooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll!!!!!! shame they didn’t put lady gaga image next to Guru’s, it would have been so cute and would have skyrocketted the sales…..

    time to come back to some “reality check 101” and to forget consumering fucking “royalties” on dead rap icons


  • Comment from bctw

    The fact that there’s GURU tee is dope but in my opinion they should have used an image from the Gang Starr days and not an image associated with his Solar days…

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Please do not mention that guys name ever again. He is an embarrassment to hip hop even people like Lex Luger make better beats than him.

    I will not be buying this shirt; this reminds me of Guru from his bad days.

  • Comment from Kenneth Hurt

    Go to for the real GURU t-shirts.

  • Comment from Red Maximum Ca


  • Comment from Oh Jay

    @jean ferrat – put up or shut up..

  • Comment from Oh Jay

    i believe the people at ABCNT made this t-shirt out of respect for the man, the icon.

  • Comment from Devon Ahmad

    I like how that hater Jean has the audacity to tell DJ Premier & his crew on the DJ PREMIER blog to leave Guru alone. What a f*cking idiot! Toilet paper? Lady Gaga!? The f*ck is this dood talkin bout mang!? HAHA!!! Dope shirt, it’s sold out tho. … .

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