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Preemish: Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)

Dong dong dong! Next round!

New Jersey rapper Snacky Chan (korean roots) has been pounding the underground in 2004 with his debut LP “Part of the Nation”. Before that he called attention with some 12 Inches like “Radio Wars” or “Politickin” and his EP “The Official Bootlegs” in 2003 which he continued by part 2 “The Killa Tape: Official Bootlegs” in 2006. For his production Chan gets producers like the Soul Searchers on board and especially DJ Supreme One who did the whole production for “Part of the Nation” and whose beats quite often have a Premier touch. A very good live DJ as well on a side note. For today’s track we listen to “No Regrets” from Chan’s LP.

Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)

all the money in the world can’t replace respect,