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Preemish: Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)

Dong dong dong! Next round!

New Jersey rapper Snacky Chan (korean roots) has been pounding the underground in 2004 with his debut LP “Part of the Nation”. Before that he called attention with some 12 Inches like “Radio Wars” or “Politickin” and his EP “The Official Bootlegs” in 2003 which he continued by part 2 “The Killa Tape: Official Bootlegs” in 2006. For his production Chan gets producers like the Soul Searchers on board and especially DJ Supreme One who did the whole production for “Part of the Nation” and whose beats quite often have a Premier touch. A very good live DJ as well on a side note. For today’s track we listen to “No Regrets” from Chan’s LP.

Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)

all the money in the world can’t replace respect,


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11 Responses to “Preemish: Chan – No Regrets (Prod. by DJ Supreme One)”

  • Comment from Santini

    Very nice Track! Thx and peace out! Dom

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Doesn’t sound preemish but whatever.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    This really does sound like Premo…..sick track!

    And is that really Premo when he was a kid? hahaha

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ Santini: glad you like it.

    @ Bronx Steele: When I listen to it and the way it’s done it reminds me of a Premier type beat; no “replacement” of course like I already mentioned. Everybody has his own opinion so that’s cool ;]

    @ DJ Guttah: yes he is, picture is a homage to illmatic or at least I tried to come close to the cover lol

    Oh and by the way in general guys: i’m well aware of the grade how preemish a track is and i pretty much know all those “very close to a Premier beat” tracks(!).

    But I’m not excited writing about it currently. I write about something I’m in the right mood for. If I was my own reader I would be bored to see the well known preemish tracks so most importantly I want to come up with something rather unheard in this category. You need to understand that there are way more other motivations for me to do a post apart from how much preemish a song is in the end. So: The typical preemish tracks might see daylight one day too, aiht.

    thx for the feedback.

  • Comment from AmaHussla

    one suggestion: why don’t you call it “boom bap” instead of “preemish”..?
    cuz most of those tracks are not really preemish, and what’s more important, we don’t need another premo.. we need original shit
    regardless this track is cool

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ AnnaHussla: thx for the suggestion, I try my best to give an understandable answer to it.

    “Preemish” is a very subjective and ambigious term and everybody interprets it different.

    If I listen to this song for example, the way it’s done, the vocal cuts and chops etc. and the way I feel about it, I would classify it in the Premier sound type of feel rather than e.g. in a Pete Rock or RZA corner. Again: I would. For DJ Guttah it’s rather more preemish whereas Bronx Steele doesn’t feel so. So, calling it Boom-Bap is not unwarrantedly I admit but then again too general. There will also be posts in future where it’s more clear for the majority but for now the rather unheard get me more excited cause that would be the case if I was my own reader.

    And yes, we don’t need another Preemo, but like I said in the last post, as a Premier fan chances are high you may also like those kind of tracks, it’s a suggestion to dig around a bit which I love.

    Glad you like the song 🙂

  • Comment from dredknight

    yeap definitely preemish.
    Simple raw and dope.

    the flavour is a bit different from preemo style.

    I guess this is what this page is all about ?

    how come ya dont get it ? xD


  • Comment from SirBiatch

    honestly, why not just do a ‘best-of’ monthly? I’m not interested in Preemish records at all. But I am interested in hearing the next great boom bap producer/emcee from wherever.

    and you’ve got people from all over the world checking your site.

    Use your site to put us on to more dope hip hop. For up and coming artists who happen to be really dope. It could be a recorded freestyle, a demo, just something that’s a great listen.

    Of course that means that you’ll have to

    a) get GREAT tracks first (which is always hard)

    b) have great taste to know what’s good and what’s wack. Something can’t be good just because it’s ‘traditional hip hop’ style. It really bothers me that people will like a track just because it’s supposed to be ‘real hip hop’. I don’t want to hear imitation boom bap. I want GREAT boom bap.

    so if you’re able to spotlight some great boom bap, I’ll be a fan of the site forever. lol


    just a suggestion

  • Comment from AmaHussla

    No doubt fubizz, I’m always grateful for new good music, & I appreciate your effort, keep up the good work! btw this is to me the first post that actually has that preem influence, for the reasons you’ve already pointed out.. in the end name doesn’t matter, it’s all about the music..

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ dredknight: I feel the same.

    @ Sir Biatch: thank you too for your comprehensible suggestion.

    I would be interested too if I was the reader and you already got the heart of the problem. Let me add some more apart from the difficulties of its realization: You like that idea but people would start arguing heavily about the right of existence of that section again, guaranteed. And the complaining of what songs were chosen would be even bigger, maybe even from your side. Music is one of the most subjective things in the world because it’s all about emotions, it’s not possible establishing criterias you mentioned on point “b)”, in the end that’s just the interpretation of your ears.
    On a side note: it’s gimantalon’s site so I’m the wrong person giving a final answer to such decisions. He runs this site successfully and I can imagine his mailbox must be exploding by suggestions refering the site so don’t be disappointed not getting an answer or just a short one.


    One more thing apart from your post:
    I don’t understand all that complaining in here anyways.
    No one is forced to follow the preemish section and even more notable: The Preemish section has been here since day one but it is now all start discussing.

    @ AnnaHussla: When I do a post I do my “homework” and besides doing a picture I listen to all projects of the artist, check their bio and try getting the correct discographies together which can be a real pain by the way. And it is an even bigger pain if there’s no feedback for what I invested my free time for.
    So thank you very much for your words, that really motivates me.

  • Comment from valal123

    Seriously, all these Preemish tracks are off the chains! Keep ’em coming, FubiZz!

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