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Redefinition Records x DJPremierBlog Contest teamed up with Redefinition Records ( for the first of many contests to come.  We have one prize to offer to the first person who correctly answers the below question.


Yes, real vinyl… of Damu the Fudgemunk, the person who made a lot of hip hop fans because of his 90s style of beats, still pressing up vinyl and still playing at parks. Y Society is his group. The collector items are:

– How It Should Sound Vol. 1 (LP)

– How It Should Sound Vol. 2 (LP)

– Bonus Prize: Y Society – Travel At Your Own Pace (Instrumentals) (LP)


The first person to post the correct answer in the comments section wins the contest. The winner does not need to list all of the songs but if he or she does, we can give a bonus prize to that person.  NOTE:  Please give out a valid email address.  Also, only one entry per IP address. ALSO NOTE: Your comments will be hold back until the right answer is given. So you can later check if you were wrong or not on time, everything is correctly hold back. Here is the question:

How many DJ Premier produced songs were used for scratches on Y Society’s debut LP, Travel At Your Own Pace?

I warn you, there’s a tricky one! Test your Premo skills right now.

Up for grabs: a bunch of records produced by Damu (of Y Society) including his latest album How It Should Sound V1&2. Support this man who always give his best to pleasure our ears:

How It Should Sound Vol 1 vinyl
How It Should Sound Vol 2 vinyl
How It Should Sound Vol 1&2 CD
Travel At Your Own Pace – Instrumentals vinyl
Travel At Your Own Pace – Instrumentals CD

Previously: Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound

UPDATE: Somebody already gave the right number (he’s gonna have his mail soon) and won, BUT nobody gave up the right tracks yet. Some are very very close, SO the bonus prize is still available to win!!! AND ANOTHER UPDATE: ANY IP ADDRESS CAN NOW RETRY!! GO!!

Nuff Said – REgenesis (2007)

(Senz, No Exp & Mr. JoeKer)

I’m very honored to hit you guys with this full album for free download. It’s from the group Nuff Said of my area. They quit big over here in Belgium, Europe. They recently released their new album “Vis Viva” with appearances of Baloji (of Starflam), Kev Brown, Oddissee, Grazzhoppa, Peter Lesage, Supastition AKA Kam Moye and Beatdrunx. The album is produced by two producers, Mr. JoeKer (from Hungary) and Haagibeats (from Norway). You can check the snippets on If you want to buy their new album or if you want to work with them, send a mail to They down for any music.

Now in addition to that album I’m blessed with this demo tape they made in 2007. It’s featured local artists and fully produced by Mr. JoeKer who has been working with KRS-One before. Warning: please turn the volume up when you play the tape, trust me.


Nuff Said – Intro (Bible Lecture by Meko D.)
Nuff Said – Regenesis
Nuff Said – Final Takeover (Feat. Metaphora)
Nuff Said – Loose Leaf
Nuff Said – Earth to People
Nuff Said – Basic’s Instinct (Skit) (Feat. DJ Basic)
Nuff Said – Fighting Spirit
Nuff Said – Syllablistic Violence
Nuff Said – Keep it Moving (Feat. Brahim)
Nuff Said – Evolutionary Theory (Feat. Ozi One & Islasoul)
Nuff Said – Like that
Nuff Said – Number One (Feat. Stino & DJ Basic)
Nuff Said – Ain’t no Touching this (Feat. MessenJah)
Nuff Said – Apocalypse Now
Nuff Said – In A Blink Of A Second

Nuff Said – REgenesis (2007)


Last word: Please check out the last track, it’s tribute to our man DJ Flip. A hip hop DJ who made it to national level, but tragically died in a car accident in 2003 in his hometown. He truly influenced a lot of guys here. Me inclusive, I remember when I was young and I was listening to his tapes… playing a lot of DJ Premier produced tracks, not knowing yet who DJ Premier was back then… I’m going to post something from him next week… May his soul rest in peace! And big props to DJ Basic who still plays with real vinyl over here!

UPDATE: Track 7 is wrong tagged, shoud be “Fighting Spirit” in the mp3. Nuff Said Myspace HERE.

Oll-Zen – Simple n’ Plain (2010)

My good friend from Germany Oll-Zen dropped a new beat tape for y’all. I’m a big fan of his beats, beat 9 is crazy. My neck still hurts. I love to use the popularity of this site to help good people, they deserve it!! Help is the best pleasure.

If you like one of the 43 demo beats, holla at him at


Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound

Like you all know, I never expected this site to be so popular (and somehow commercial) on the internet. So from time to time I like to help personal friends to get some popularity because they deserve it! My people are like roaches, those who support the small artist, the artists who work underground whether not trying to get above.

But most of you real heads already know Damu The Fudgemunk. For me he’s simply top 3 of 2000s era hip hop producers. Getting ‘fame’ with Y Society and his popular clip of him playing beats at the park (still with diskettes) in 2008. Giving you a trip back to the 90s! That was not the end, numerous FREE instrumental albums were shared by him online. This man was so fucking real and got so many support behind him by us when he released an LP (on vinyl of course) it was soon out of print and prices ran high, crazy! And that in this decade!

So it’s an honor to promote this man in the further future. Tomorrow he is about to release a new 2 volumed instrumental LP “How It Should Sound”. I don’t know if they are already sold out (I think their are only a couple of copies left) but you can always try to get your copy here or here. I ordered mine on were you get a free t shirt with an mpc on it extra. YAY!!

Here you can download the free promo EP.

Now I’m happy: next week I’m going to have the first DJ Premier Blog competition!! What to win?

A copy of “How It Should Sound Vol. 1 & 2”, but that’s not everything. The winner also get a copy of Y Society instrumental album “Travel At Your Own Pace” which is out of print!!! See you next week…

Moz – Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1

This is something new I’m going to do with this blog. With more then 1500 clicks a day I could promote a lot of things, so why not people I know who should be recognized in my eyes? I really enjoy helping people. And to stay in the lane of hip hop I present to you “Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1” by my man Moz. He is a producer from Croatia who is also a big fan of DJ Premier‘s work. If I didn’t feel his beats I wouldn’t post this, it really got that 90s flavor! You rarely see that. With Damu The Fudgemunk in my back head this is a great addition to chill out. Listen yourself:

Moz – Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1

I would appreciate any kind of feedback, what do you think of the beats? Should I post more of this or not? For any MC who wants more information or ask him for something feel free to email him at or visits his myspace here. He’s a very friendly person. And I’m telling you, this guy got loads of beats waiting to be spit on!!

I would like to thank you all for reading and listening!

Remix DJ Premier (Tribute) Vol. 1

Meeeeeeeeeeerry Christmas to my visitors… Over the years my friend collected remixed songs by various producers over the globe, some more known, some more unknown, but all top class. All the songs were original done by DJ Premier, except track six (my mistake). I have contact with some of the producers so I would like to thank Wierdo, DJ Oll-Zen and Krudanze for their contribution. I hope they will get more known with this, hope so, they are really good man! If Preem see this post, download it and spin it. Because he says all day “I only play real shit, if I think it’s real, I play it”. It’s real, believe me. Some songs are even ripped from myspace, don’t care, as long as my ears like it. Enjoy, you will!


  1. Nas – Nas is Like (Feat. Big L) (Ck Original Remix) (Usa)
  2. Az – the Come Up (Cookin Soul Remix) (Spain)
  3. Afu-Ra – Defeat (Weirdo Remix) (Italy)
  4. Pitch Black – It’s All Real (Soul Children Remix) (Usa)
  5. Big Daddy Kane – Any Type of Way (DJ Oll-Zen Remix) (Germany)
  6. Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn (Kes-A Remix) (Poland)
  7. Bumpy Knuckles – the Lah (Krudanze Remix) (Czech Republic)
  8. Nas – 2nd Childhood (Analects Remix) (Usa)
  9. Verbal Threat – Reality Check (Kuoter Remix) (Poland)
  10. Royce Da 5’9″ – Hip Hop (Cookin Soul Remix) (Spain)
  11. Nas – 2nd Childhood (Soul Children Remix) (Usa)
  12. Big Daddy Kane – Any Type of Way (Nnfof Remix) (Poland)
  13. Pitch Black – It’s All Real (Soul Children Remix) (Instrumental) (Usa)
  14. Nas – 2nd Childhood (Soul Children Remix) (Instrumental) (Usa)
VA – Remix DJ Premier (Tribute) Vol. 1