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Redefinition Records x DJPremierBlog Contest teamed up with Redefinition Records ( for the first of many contests to come.  We have one prize to offer to the first person who correctly answers the below question.


Yes, real vinyl… of Damu the Fudgemunk, the person who made a lot of hip hop fans because of his 90s style of beats, still pressing up vinyl and still playing at parks. Y Society is his group. The collector items are:

– How It Should Sound Vol. 1 (LP)

– How It Should Sound Vol. 2 (LP)

– Bonus Prize: Y Society – Travel At Your Own Pace (Instrumentals) (LP)


The first person to post the correct answer in the comments section wins the contest. The winner does not need to list all of the songs but if he or she does, we can give a bonus prize to that person.  NOTE:  Please give out a valid email address.  Also, only one entry per IP address. ALSO NOTE: Your comments will be hold back until the right answer is given. So you can later check if you were wrong or not on time, everything is correctly hold back. Here is the question:

How many DJ Premier produced songs were used for scratches on Y Society’s debut LP, Travel At Your Own Pace?

I warn you, there’s a tricky one! Test your Premo skills right now.

Up for grabs: a bunch of records produced by Damu (of Y Society) including his latest album How It Should Sound V1&2. Support this man who always give his best to pleasure our ears:

How It Should Sound Vol 1 vinyl
How It Should Sound Vol 2 vinyl
How It Should Sound Vol 1&2 CD
Travel At Your Own Pace – Instrumentals vinyl
Travel At Your Own Pace – Instrumentals CD

Previously: Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound

UPDATE: Somebody already gave the right number (he’s gonna have his mail soon) and won, BUT nobody gave up the right tracks yet. Some are very very close, SO the bonus prize is still available to win!!! AND ANOTHER UPDATE: ANY IP ADDRESS CAN NOW RETRY!! GO!!

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35 Responses to “Redefinition Records x DJPremierBlog Contest”

  • Comment from Max Maller


  • Comment from F


  • Comment from alex

    4 tracks

  • Comment from Major


  • Comment from Murtada Ellari

    5 is my answer. Hope i win!!

  • Comment from danny

    5 songs

  • Comment from wonluv/ruin


  • Comment from JSTN


  • Comment from max


  • Comment from canzoski

    seven songs!

  • Comment from Max Maller

    And they are:

    Boom by Royce da 5’9
    6th sense by Common
    Come Clean by Damu the Fudgemunk
    and Thick by D.I.T.C., which was used for the Insight remix of Never Off. Not a Damu production but still a cut off the album. Quite tricky.

  • Comment from JonWelniet

    I really don’t know so I’m gonna guess this one.

    I’m gonna say it’s 11 DJ Premier songs.

  • Comment from peter griffin

    5 !

  • Comment from Cane


  • Comment from dheeny

    Vol 1 Tracklist:

    Side A
    Start Here (2007)
    Another Introduction (2007)
    Tea Thyme (2005)
    Clap & Form Your Soul (2007)
    Figment (2005)
    Home Seek Home (2004)
    Straight From The Harp (2008)

    Side B
    Rock Climbing [Byte 1] (2005)
    It’s Called The Chill Out (2004)
    Gone With The Sunset (2005)
    Bills Be Gone [Pawt 2] (2004)
    Only One Me (2005)
    Judgment Day (2005)
    Dream Catcher (2007)

    Vol 2 Tracklist:

    Side A
    How It Should Sound (2005)
    You Know Who! (2006)
    Movin’ On (2006)
    Not So Young Anymore [Byte 2] (2005)
    Fabrega’s Discotecas (2006)
    Gestation (2003)
    Don’t Fail Me Now (2006)

    Side B
    Man With Bindle [Pawt 1] (2004)
    Hogs On The Hill [Pretty Sneaky] (2005)
    At Your Request [Spinna VS Joc] (2005)
    It Wasn’t On Earth (2006)
    Boomerang Luck (2007)
    Gettin’ & Steppin’ (2006)

  • Comment from FCBFan23


  • Comment from Flayee

    I would say 3.

  • Comment from 8ks

    alright, here’s my atempt. i know there are probably many more, but what the heck:

    Royce da 5’9 – Boom
    Shyheim – On & On (DJ Premier Remix)
    DITC – Thick
    Jeru the Damaja – Come Clean

  • Comment from d.fusion

    well im not quite sure which one was the tricky one so im probably wrong with my guess of:
    5 premier produced track, but i tried my best…

    1. ditc – thick on NEVER OFF + RMX
    2. royce da 5’9 – hip hop on GOOD COMMUNICATION
    3. common – 6th sense also on GOOD COMUNICATION
    4. jeru da damaja – my mind spray on SCIENTIST
    5. jeru da damaja – come clean on SETTING THE EXAMPLE

    maybe the tricky one is afus “i devoure at a crazy rate” which is probably off the whirlwind thru cities (acapella) and not mantal stamina… or maybe its the scratches which premier also used as scratches on his songs…who knows…

  • Comment from kenny

    8 produced songs

  • Comment from Taylor


  • Comment from Oldman

    Damn, this is tough! I say 5.

  • Comment from Danjo

    This is not easy! I think I heard 4

  • Comment from djchaoss

    4 dj promo scratches email

  • Comment from aaron peralta

    Six tracks were used premo

  • Comment from jj

    never off:
    – ditc – thick
    (-probably the shyheim remix to on & on(but it could be easily from the original too)

    good communication:
    – royce da 59 – boom
    – common – 6th sense

    – jeru the damaja – my mind spray

    setting the example:
    – jeru the damaja – come clean

    i think thats it…maybe i forgot one scratched track^^

  • Comment from Torrence

    I don’t know the exact number,but i’ll take a shot in the dark and say 7.

  • Comment from Murtada Ellari

    6? I really have no idea, I just want the vinyl, help an Amsterdam brotha out! haha

  • Comment from Kid Nice


  • Comment from Major

    man, i was in a rush to respond i didnt pay attention to the “name the tracks” part… you want what Primo cust were used or what Y Society songs HAVE the cuts in’em?

  • Comment from ty-kitty

    D.I.T.C. – Thick
    Common – 6th Sense
    Jeru The Damaja – Jungle Music
    Jeru The Damaja – Mind Spray
    Royce 5’9″ – Boom
    Shyheim – On & On (Primo Remix)
    Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean

  • Comment from jj

    in which song is jungle music scratches?

    damn it…i was so close

  • Comment from Jaz

    I want to know who the hell that is on the “How Many of Us?” scratches…King Sun?

    it’s so familiar to me and is driving me insane…lol

  • Comment from PillPlanet

    Damn this is niiice, I’ll cop this ish when its out! Thanks for the post!!


  • Comment from Klaus


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