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Big Shug – Spit Six (Radio Rip)

Ow yep, the first track of Big Shug‘s upcoming album ‘I Am Forever’ was aired last night on LiveFromHQ by the one and only DJ Premier. Gang Starr Foundation coming hard as always. Damn, I don’t remember shit now. Was the album now called ‘I Am Forever’ or ‘Blue Collar’? And I forgot how many Preem bangers were on it, I know there’s another track with Fat Joe that stays in my mind. Pfff, Fat Joe and Big Shug? That’s unheard! Damn. Now bang it like you used to do, Asian style:

Big Shug – Spit Six (Radio Rip)

And I was checking this earlier today:

DJ Premier & Pete Rock Interview in Tokyo

Shout out to Defrag.

DJ Premier vs Pete Rock album is coming, 6 tracks of Premier produced and 6 tracks of Pete Rock produced with ANY artist.

Footage of The Guru Tribute at Boston’s “Middle East”

Props to Leedz Edutainment x Clockwork Music x D.Gomez Films x Hatim.