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DJ Premier & Pete Rock Interview in Tokyo

Shout out to Defrag.

DJ Premier vs Pete Rock album is coming, 6 tracks of Premier produced and 6 tracks of Pete Rock produced with ANY artist.

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4 Responses to “DJ Premier & Pete Rock Interview in Tokyo”

  • Comment from DopeTrack

    God Dammit !! call this guys! nas and jay z man.. gotta do it!
    ‘Chi ali
    ‘Biz Markie
    ‘KRS ONE
    ‘Big Shug
    ‘Fat Joe
    ‘Inspectah Deck

  • Comment from DJ Real

    I love the way Premo wears his cap. lol. i wanna wanna wear my hat like that

  • Comment from Eric Francis

    Shit i wanna go to Tokyo someday, glad to see hiphop has propelled like that. Its so great to see Primo talk about his art (on the other video that was posted in Japan) and how in the states its more about money, and he gets appreciation for the music itself when he goes out of the country.

    I was into punk rock/metal as a teenager and at first when i heard bands like public enemy, i struggled a bit like, for a day or 2 haha like i cant like this stuff, im rock! But the music is so good it wins you over and broadens your horizons. Thats what i felt when i first came across the first gangstarr tape i heard (daily operation) every track was kicking my ass and i was hooked. You can put a stamp labeled “Reached” on this kid and move to the next one.

    RIP GURU!!

  • this could be epic

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