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Nuff Said – REgenesis (2007)

(Senz, No Exp & Mr. JoeKer)

I’m very honored to hit you guys with this full album for free download. It’s from the group Nuff Said of my area. They quit big over here in Belgium, Europe. They recently released their new album “Vis Viva” with appearances of Baloji (of Starflam), Kev Brown, Oddissee, Grazzhoppa, Peter Lesage, Supastition AKA Kam Moye and Beatdrunx. The album is produced by two producers, Mr. JoeKer (from Hungary) and Haagibeats (from Norway). You can check the snippets on If you want to buy their new album or if you want to work with them, send a mail to They down for any music.

Now in addition to that album I’m blessed with this demo tape they made in 2007. It’s featured local artists and fully produced by Mr. JoeKer who has been working with KRS-One before. Warning: please turn the volume up when you play the tape, trust me.


Nuff Said – Intro (Bible Lecture by Meko D.)
Nuff Said – Regenesis
Nuff Said – Final Takeover (Feat. Metaphora)
Nuff Said – Loose Leaf
Nuff Said – Earth to People
Nuff Said – Basic’s Instinct (Skit) (Feat. DJ Basic)
Nuff Said – Fighting Spirit
Nuff Said – Syllablistic Violence
Nuff Said – Keep it Moving (Feat. Brahim)
Nuff Said – Evolutionary Theory (Feat. Ozi One & Islasoul)
Nuff Said – Like that
Nuff Said – Number One (Feat. Stino & DJ Basic)
Nuff Said – Ain’t no Touching this (Feat. MessenJah)
Nuff Said – Apocalypse Now
Nuff Said – In A Blink Of A Second

Nuff Said – REgenesis (2007)


Last word: Please check out the last track, it’s tribute to our man DJ Flip. A hip hop DJ who made it to national level, but tragically died in a car accident in 2003 in his hometown. He truly influenced a lot of guys here. Me inclusive, I remember when I was young and I was listening to his tapes… playing a lot of DJ Premier produced tracks, not knowing yet who DJ Premier was back then… I’m going to post something from him next week… May his soul rest in peace! And big props to DJ Basic who still plays with real vinyl over here!

UPDATE: Track 7 is wrong tagged, shoud be “Fighting Spirit” in the mp3. Nuff Said Myspace HERE.

DJ Premier Talks New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro… Just Boom Bap’

With Kanye West busy recording his upcoming tentatively-titled album Good Ass Job in his Diamond Head, Hawaii studio, another legendary producer is offering insight into the buzz-heavy project.

“I’m working with Kanye. He reached out to me like, ‘Yo, you at the studio?’” “DJ Premier tells VIBE. “He came by at 8 p.m. and didn’t leave until three in the morning. We were drinking Grey Goose and just bugging out. It was me, Kanye and Showbiz, from Showbiz & AG talking about the whole industry.”

As for Good Ass Job’s overall sound, Preemo says the album, which also reportedly features production from RZA, Q-Tip and Pete Rock, will be a nod to early ‘90s hip hop.

“He told me how he wanted this album to be really boom-bap, hard, hard beats,” Premier says. “He said, ‘No electro Preem, I swear no electro [Laughs].’ Ye is still that crazy dude he’s always been. He’s really focused on making this album raw. So I gave him a banger and he said he wanted two more on top of that one. I’m giving him two more this week.”


Reflection Eternal’s “Revolutions Per Minute” Release Party (With DJ Premier & Sway)

Talib Kweli‘s and Hi-Tek‘s Reflection Eternal new album was celebrated last night at Sirius Satellite Radio with on the decks DJ Premier and hosted by Sway. Clearly my recorder failed to record the last quarter. My bad… Enjoy:

Reflection Eternal – “Revolutions Per Minute” Release Party (With DJ Premier & Sway)

Truck North & The 3rd’s “Out There” Is A Stolen DJ Premier Beat

10 days ago the world was blessed with another DJ Premier beat. The rap artists Truck North & The 3rd leaked their song they did with DJ Premier. Supported by NahRight who told me the beat was authentic. Like I said in the post of that leak, it’s quit strange we hear a Premo beat outta nowhere…

A reliable source told me DJ Premier never heard of the track until he was asked about it by him. The beat belongs already to a not-further-discussed other artist. How the Premo beat got in hands of them is still unknown, by time of this article, they were not reachable for further comments. DJ Premier is working on it to shut them down my source reported.

Update (12/17/2012): The not-further-discussed artist was Nas and he was the only one who had the beat. To this day DJ Premier still wonders how Truck North & The 3rd stole that beat. Anyway, the beat is now given to Teflon for his upcoming album “Contraband” and the Truck North track will be considered as a bootleg/fake on the trackology.

Story continues…

Wednesday Classics: Guru’s Jazzmatazz Live At Eurockéennes Festival (France) (2001)

I dough a little deeper… Here we have some pretty rare live show from Guru‘s Jazzmatazz when that shit was at his top with his third volume “Streetsoul”. I never saw other audio from a Guru solo live show before 2003 (I think). His performance on a big European festival “Eurockéennes” in France but the audio is ripped from a Finish radio. The quality is bananas! With live band and featuring his good friend N’Dea Davenport who toured with him at the time. Also peep the Premo productions played by a live band! Everything looked so professional, how did that get destroyed like that? Pfff, R.I.P. Guru. More to come from me, gimantalon.

Guru – Jazzmatazz Live At Eurockéennes Festival (France) (2001)


  1. Guru – Jazzthing
  2. Guru – Plenty
  3. Guru – Trust Me
  4. Guru – No Time To Play
  5. Guru – Guidance
  6. Guru – Supa Love
  7. Guru – Certified
  8. Guru – Mass Appeal
  9. Guru – Just To Get A Rep
  10. Guru – Hustlin Daze
  11. Guru – Loungin
  12. Guru – Lift Your Fist
  13. Guru – Keep Your Worries

DJ Premier Opens Up About Guru’s Death, Solar, Gang Starr Reunion & More

VIBE: Do you feel like your relationship with Guru has been misrepresented by Solar?

DJ Premier: Well, I’ve always held down Guru… His spirit knows this. He used to get upset about so much stuff when we were dealing with the label all the time. We both would be upset. But I would take the calls because when he was upset he would flip [Laughs], where you might not be able to handle him when he’s wilding out. With me, although I had a temper, I was much calmer about it. But I always remember whenever I would tell him, “Yo Guru, don’t worry about it, they are going to take care of it,” he would be happy as fuck. He would be like, “Yo, let’s go out for a drink.” He was the go-out king. That was his routine. He was definitely a celebratory guy. Anyone from our era knows that Guru was in every club and every bar and every spot. He could go all night, all day. And he would never be tired!

When was the last time you spoke to Guru?

It was March 30, 2004. April 1 was the last email I received from him and I just found it in my computer. We were pretty much going at it about him straightening his life up with the drinking and everything… just getting himself together. Because talent wise, drinking or sober, he was always on point in the lab. He could lay down his vocals with no problem and he always wrote his rhymes dope. When he wrote his rhymes on page they were so messy [Laughs]. I used to ask him, “How can you even recite the verses and flow?” He would be in the booth turning the paper upside down while he’s still rhyming and without having to punch in.

Was there ever a time when you felt Gang Starr was going to break up during your successful run in the ‘90s?

Yes. That was with the Moment of Truth album, which was the most emotional album for both of us. I had actually left the group before that album came out. I’ve never really told that story, but even Guru knew although he’s not here to defend that—but I had left the group. We were not getting along over stupid shit so I straight up said, “I’m out of here.” He was going through his gun trial and facing a five-year bid. I have to thank our tour manager who I went to college with and who is a major part of my life to this day. Even with his own problems with Guru, he was like, “Yo man, you need to go back to him. Y’all were meant to be a duo, man.” Then the trial was about to happen and I called Guru and said, “I want to do this.” We made up, everything was cool and I went to his trial everyday with his parents and our Gang Starr lawyer and our criminal lawyer. We were there every day. Guru was so scared that he could have gone to jail for five years, so that’s why that whole time was very emotional. I had just had a major death in my family. I was not really focused. I just remember our lawyer telling us, “If Guru goes to jail, you are going to have to promote the album by yourself.” That entire time was crazy.

How ironic was it that the Moment of Truth ended up becoming your first gold album?

Guru used to always say from every album, “All I want is a gold album…we deserve it; we are as hot as all these platinum artists.” So when we got that one he was the happiest guy in the world. He even designed the gold plaque. I remember we spent almost $10,000 on buying plaques for everybody that we knew deserved one [Laughs]. There was a DJ who taught me how to scratch—I brought him one; I brought my parents, my sisters, all my friends who was hanging with us from day one. That’s real talk. That’s why that album is so special.

What kind of sense did you get of the future of Gang Starr from your conversations with Guru?

It was pretty much stay focused on getting your life together. Everybody knows he had a history of drinking. That was no secret. But he had cut down some. He was getting it together, but he kept going back to it. His attitude could switch from being the funniest guy, joking around to just flipping out. But we were so used to him after all these years that we just dealt with it.

What are your favorite memories of Guru beyond the music?

Besides the music and the tours, I lived with him from ’88 to ’93. That’s a lot of years to live together. Everything would come through our house… wild parties every night. We lived that rock-and-roll lifestyle and weren’t even going platinum. We were making steady money because we did a lot of shows, but we lived that rock lifestyle to the fullest. You look at any rock group that had all the girls and the wildness, we did that. It was like college. There would be liquor bottles almost a mile long still in the house, some of them half empty. Guru was the type of dude who would get up, hold it up to the light to make sure there were no ashes in it and guzzle it the next day. [Group Home member] used to hide pizza in the dishwasher so no one would take his food. We used to be together in Brooklyn all the time. We would run around with guns and stuff, acting like we [were] fly. We were aiming the guns at each other like idiots [Laughs].

Now that’s crazy…

Yeah. It was dumb shit like that, but you laugh at it now because those were the fucking days. We had the party house, which was Brandford Marsalis’ house on Washington Ave. Cypress Hill was at our house before they even came out with “How I Could Just Kill A Man” video. They had just come to New York to meet up with Ice Cube. Easy Mo B would tell you, RZA would tell you… He was there before the Wu-Tang Clan. We met Biggie around that time before he had a record deal. Puff used to come to Brooklyn to come scoop him up to go to the studio and BIG was frustrated because he was stressing to get money. We would be on the corner smoking and drinking with BIG everyday. It would be me, Guru, Big Shug and Dap, who I remember had the biggest crush on Lil’ Kim and this is before she was even rhyming. We used to trade porno flicks with BIG’s man Mr. Cee on the way to the weed spot. Everybody would be in there blazing, drinking and girls, girls, girls would be there all the time.

What do you make of the rumors that Guru was gay because of the close relationship he had with Solar?

Like I just said, I don’t believe it. All these little rumors about Guru and some other shit… it can’t be. Because he had too many women.

How hurtful was it that one person could destroy someone’s legacy the way Solar has?

It hurts. But that’s based on the fact that none of the things being said are true. Just from the amount of work we have put in… We talking about almost 18 years. That’s a long time. If we didn’t make history, maybe I could deal with it a different way. But we made history together and he was alive to see it. Guru was able to get two gold albums; he was able to do the Jazzmatazz album. So everything that we gained makes you think, “You mean to tell me you are going to blow it all away and act like that’s not an important part of what made us who we are?” With a silly ass letter like that??? When you say ‘Ex-DJ’ where is my name at? Because there are two other DJ’s that was DJing with Guru besides me. There was Doo Wop and Shawn Ski, who was our backup DJ when I had to go back to college. He always held us down. Calling me the ex-DJ doesn’t mean anything to me. Why don’t you just say Christopher Martin?

Do you think the letter was written by Solar?

Well, I would love to see that letter. I would love to see the handwriting. Because I know Guru’s handwriting like the back of my hand with all the bills we had to pay together. I know it’s not him.

Have you been in touch with Guru’s family?

I talk to them all the time. His father, his sister Patricia; the only one I haven’t spoken to is his younger sister. But they all know me well. His brother Harry… They all know me. And they know this is all some bullshit. They been a little separated from Guru once he decided to move off of Gang Starr. He got distant from everybody. It had been six years since I talked to him. I was trying to get the truth about whether he was in the hospital after he had the cardiac arrest. I called his parents. Guru’s mother and my mother were pen pals for a long time. I remember the day he had the cardiac arrest. I called the house and I heard Guru’s father’s voice like “Chris…Man, it’s good to hear your voice.” Now if he had some strange feeling about me he would have been like, “Son, I can’t talk to you right now.” But that wasn’t the case. It felt so good speaking to him. I was able to get the real deal of what was going on. They know me well enough to know that I’m not some stranger that needs information to be held back from me. Why do I have to make it up? I don’t have an agenda.

Who is handling the Gang Starr estate?

I have all kinds of Gang Starr shit, but you don’t see me putting nothing out. I’m not selling T-shirts and all that stuff. But I’ve seen Guru’s people sell stuff on their site. I didn’t violate any of that stuff. Even when we weren’t doing stuff I reached out and told Guru, “Yo, let’s still sell our Gang Starr stuff just like the way Kiss did all the years they weren’t together.” They were still putting out Kiss memorabilia and dolls. So let’s keep on selling Gang Starr merchandise. The logo and the fan base we have, we can eat off of that forever. He has a son now so I wanted his son to eat. We just never resolved to get any agreement on it. I left it alone pretty much.

Were there plans for another Gang Starr album?

That was the plan following the break he was taking. But I don’t dwell on stuff too long. I’m glad that I have made a name for myself where I still can survive. If I had to just depend on Gang Starr I would be jammed up right now. My father raised me to always find a way as a man. I’m going to be a provider no matter what.

What do you hope for the future of the Gang Starr legacy?

I want the name to stay alive… But the right way. I don’t have a hidden agenda. His son should get that money. Of course I’ll get my half and that’s not on no selfish shit. That’s just off of what we built together. Nothing can take away from what Gang Starr did. That’s what I was stressing to Guru before he passed. We have tons of footage and DVD material that could have been sold. This is way before he was sick. I plan to discuss what can be done with Guru’s family. I don’t care if it’s from a lawyer’s standpoint. The main thing is we never dissolved our Gang Starr contract. We are still signed to each other. We never disbanded the group. If Guru really wanted to super dead it he would have said, “Yo, I want out.” And I still would have tried to convince him to stay. We are still Gang Starr.

Source: VIBE Magazine

VINTAGE: Guru Freestyle With Mendoughza On CM Fam A Lam (2000)

First of all, props to Ben Giska for the dope Step In The Arena drawing, click on the picture to have the high quality stuff! I only going to stop Guru when I feel to. To be straight, I never stopped playing Guru ever. But when I was digging in my hard disc I reached so deep I saw files that even myself rarely saw… Here is something from 2000, when the great Guru was guest on the CM Fam A Lam show with Mendoughza (respect to the underrated Mendoughza). The dope show from Bobitto (use to do the Stretch Armstrong show) and Lord Sear (who is now on Shady45 with Pete Rock). You have to love this:

Guru Freestyle With Mendoughza On CM Fam A Lam (2000)

Positive, never negative… I have more… I have more… R.I.P.

I almost broke my computer with this article on HipHopDX, Solar babymoms talks up. You remember that article I wrote before Guru’s passing ‘A Man Who Calls Himself A Superproducer’? You remember saying I kept it clean by not telling the worst shit at the end? Well, now you can read it. It still breaks my heart to hear Guru died whole alone with the hate towards the people who loved him and full of scars, rip to an abused legend…forever.

Oll-Zen – Simple n’ Plain (2010)

My good friend from Germany Oll-Zen dropped a new beat tape for y’all. I’m a big fan of his beats, beat 9 is crazy. My neck still hurts. I love to use the popularity of this site to help good people, they deserve it!! Help is the best pleasure.

If you like one of the 43 demo beats, holla at him at


DJ Premier & Nick Javas “Not A Game” Live at Boot Haus, Germany

Nick Javas Promo #3:

Nick Javas music videos release date delayed to this week… You can also see a teaser for “Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2”. Here is the sampler of that beat LP I ripped some time ago. Props to Biggest Gord for uploading those videos to his Year Round Records profile.

Behind The Scene Of LiveFromHQ’z Guru Salute

Props to Biggest Gord from Year Round Records. Wasn’t that Nick Javas video clips suppose to drop last week?