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Wednesday Classics: Guru’s Jazzmatazz Live At Eurockéennes Festival (France) (2001)

I dough a little deeper… Here we have some pretty rare live show from Guru‘s Jazzmatazz when that shit was at his top with his third volume “Streetsoul”. I never saw other audio from a Guru solo live show before 2003 (I think). His performance on a big European festival “Eurockéennes” in France but the audio is ripped from a Finish radio. The quality is bananas! With live band and featuring his good friend N’Dea Davenport who toured with him at the time. Also peep the Premo productions played by a live band! Everything looked so professional, how did that get destroyed like that? Pfff, R.I.P. Guru. More to come from me, gimantalon.

Guru – Jazzmatazz Live At Eurockéennes Festival (France) (2001)


  1. Guru – Jazzthing
  2. Guru – Plenty
  3. Guru – Trust Me
  4. Guru – No Time To Play
  5. Guru – Guidance
  6. Guru – Supa Love
  7. Guru – Certified
  8. Guru – Mass Appeal
  9. Guru – Just To Get A Rep
  10. Guru – Hustlin Daze
  11. Guru – Loungin
  12. Guru – Lift Your Fist
  13. Guru – Keep Your Worries

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4 Responses to “Wednesday Classics: Guru’s Jazzmatazz Live At Eurockéennes Festival (France) (2001)”

  • Comment from Wiktor

    Hustlin’ Daze! damn! damn! damn!
    underrated primo beat!

  • Comment from phil

    the drummer’s dope ! it’s like 100 times better than Solar’s directed live shows.

  • Comment from esdee

    I think I got this on video tape somewhere…I usually hear “comment ca va, ca va?”(tr: How u feel? Feel good?)during the show from Guru, it said that in europe apprently, very often heared that everywhere and also in Brussels on end 2003 for Ownerz Tour. Very good good good remembrance. Thanks for post Gim.
    RIP Guru.

  • Comment from esdee

    Forgot!!!! Big up to the band for their GangStarr’s version, also love drum and basslines. Areal live band with good artistic direction. I know what u feel phil;-)

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