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VIBE: DJ Premier vs Bangladesh

I didn’t put any word out about this producer competition Vibe Magazine organized until now. I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about it. Oh well, what does it hurt? And it’s interesting to see how strong the 90s hip hop community is on the internet. How far will DJ Premier go?

For the people who don’t know, Vibe Magazine is organizing a big ass competition to find the greatest hip hop producer of all time. In total 64 producers are listed in 4 groups. DJ Premier is in group 4 called “Boom Bap”. Dr Dre is in the first group “Homegrown”. Here is Preems group:

DJ Premier VS Bangladesh
RZA VS Rocwilder
Marley Marl VS Dame Grease
Rick Rubin VS The Beatnuts
Jam Master Jay VS Easy Mo Bee
Large Professor VS Q-Tip
Diamond D VS DJ Muggs
Havoc VS Da Beatminerz

Each winner of the group will take it up against a winner from another group I guess? Here are the dates when each vote end:

4/05 – First Round Begins
4/19 – Second Round Begins
4/26 – Third Round Begins
5/03 – Elite 8 Producer Battle Begins
5/10 – Final Four Producer Battle Begins
5/17 – Final Round Begins
5/24 – Winner Announced

I would say hate it or love it, but since Vibe is getting a lot of reactions from the producers self I’m going to keep this updated. The first round for DJ Premier will be easy, no offense. Today Bangladesh commented on the competition saying he’s isn’t a hip hop producer, but simply the best producer. Quotes like “Honestly, I’m Better Than All Them [Producers]”.

With unpopular quotes like this he has some respectful comments though, “I’m definitely deserving to be on the list as one of the best producers right now, but I wouldn’t say hip-hop. Probably the only hip-hop thing I made was ‘A Milli’ and that was probably the greatest beat of this era,” the Atlanta-based producer told VIBE. “I think if you really define hip-hop, Premier is really the best hip-hop producer. He’s amazing with samples… he’s the essence of hip-hop.”


DJ Premier Talks Digging With Suite903

Wassup with all those interviews haha? But it still don’t bore me! DJ Premier talks about digging, hip hop, and influences.

DJ Premier & Pete Rock Announcing Their ‘Secret’ Project With 9th Wonder

DJ Premier & Pete Rock were sitting together for an interview when they had to do their show in Montreal, Canada. A local radio station took their time to both interview them and I have off course the audio of that. They talk about their upcoming projects, their secret project, InI, Guru, who’s the best today in NY, the best places for hip hop outside USA, working with artists outside the USA and they had to define each other style in one word + giving  top 3 of each other and some other games… Props to Pete Rock for naming a fucking real top 3 of DJ Premier, damn!  Don’t expect their project with 9th Wonder soon, at least next year if you hear what DJ Premier is going to release this year (if he’ll make it). And Preems next European collaboration is with the France group Soulcast, somebody got more info of them? Couldn’t find it. Enjoy:

DJ Premier & Pete Rock Sits Together With CISM 89.3FM

Also: Erykah Badu quote on DJ Premier, Dr. Dre & J Dilla.