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Reflection Eternal’s “Revolutions Per Minute” Release Party (With DJ Premier & Sway)

Talib Kweli‘s and Hi-Tek‘s Reflection Eternal new album was celebrated last night at Sirius Satellite Radio with on the decks DJ Premier and hosted by Sway. Clearly my recorder failed to record the last quarter. My bad… Enjoy:

Reflection Eternal – “Revolutions Per Minute” Release Party (With DJ Premier & Sway)

Truck North & The 3rd’s “Out There” Is A Stolen DJ Premier Beat

10 days ago the world was blessed with another DJ Premier beat. The rap artists Truck North & The 3rd leaked their song they did with DJ Premier. Supported by NahRight who told me the beat was authentic. Like I said in the post of that leak, it’s quit strange we hear a Premo beat outta nowhere…

A reliable source told me DJ Premier never heard of the track until he was asked about it by him. The beat belongs already to a not-further-discussed other artist. How the Premo beat got in hands of them is still unknown, by time of this article, they were not reachable for further comments. DJ Premier is working on it to shut them down my source reported.

Update (12/17/2012): The not-further-discussed artist was Nas and he was the only one who had the beat. To this day DJ Premier still wonders how Truck North & The 3rd stole that beat. Anyway, the beat is now given to Teflon for his upcoming album “Contraband” and the Truck North track will be considered as a bootleg/fake on the trackology.

Story continues…