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Oll-Zen – Simple n’ Plain (2010)

My good friend from Germany Oll-Zen dropped a new beat tape for y’all. I’m a big fan of his beats, beat 9 is crazy. My neck still hurts. I love to use the popularity of this site to help good people, they deserve it!! Help is the best pleasure.

If you like one of the 43 demo beats, holla at him at


DJ Premier & Nick Javas “Not A Game” Live at Boot Haus, Germany

Nick Javas Promo #3:

Nick Javas music videos release date delayed to this week… You can also see a teaser for “Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2”. Here is the sampler of that beat LP I ripped some time ago. Props to Biggest Gord for uploading those videos to his Year Round Records profile.

Behind The Scene Of LiveFromHQ’z Guru Salute

Props to Biggest Gord from Year Round Records. Wasn’t that Nick Javas video clips suppose to drop last week?

Gang Starr – Live @ Transmusicales, France (2003)

Keep enjoying him to the fullest! GURU! Got more rare shit to be honest.