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Oll-Zen – Simple n’ Plain (2010)

My good friend from Germany Oll-Zen dropped a new beat tape for y’all. I’m a big fan of his beats, beat 9 is crazy. My neck still hurts. I love to use the popularity of this site to help good people, they deserve it!! Help is the best pleasure.

If you like one of the 43 demo beats, holla at him at


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4 Responses to “Oll-Zen – Simple n’ Plain (2010)”

  • Comment from Wiktor

    beat #9? this one is wack!

  • Comment from Korleon

    word i think the beat n9 is one of the worst of the tape, but there is somme cool shit on that

  • Comment from Dilla = GOAT

    I think 9 is dope. Germany has got some heat, when it comes to producers ;).

  • Comment from DMira

    I Agree, beat 9# is nothing special but hey…if we all like preemo, how can pussy’s like timbaland make money???
    Yo fuck that, beat tape is cool in general, good shit 😉

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