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VINTAGE: Guru Freestyle With Mendoughza On CM Fam A Lam (2000)

First of all, props to Ben Giska for the dope Step In The Arena drawing, click on the picture to have the high quality stuff! I only going to stop Guru when I feel to. To be straight, I never stopped playing Guru ever. But when I was digging in my hard disc I reached so deep I saw files that even myself rarely saw… Here is something from 2000, when the great Guru was guest on the CM Fam A Lam show with Mendoughza (respect to the underrated Mendoughza). The dope show from Bobitto (use to do the Stretch Armstrong show) and Lord Sear (who is now on Shady45 with Pete Rock). You have to love this:

Guru Freestyle With Mendoughza On CM Fam A Lam (2000)

Positive, never negative… I have more… I have more… R.I.P.

I almost broke my computer with this article on HipHopDX, Solar babymoms talks up. You remember that article I wrote before Guru’s passing ‘A Man Who Calls Himself A Superproducer’? You remember saying I kept it clean by not telling the worst shit at the end? Well, now you can read it. It still breaks my heart to hear Guru died whole alone with the hate towards the people who loved him and full of scars, rip to an abused legend…forever.

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11 Responses to “VINTAGE: Guru Freestyle With Mendoughza On CM Fam A Lam (2000)”

  • Comment from Shawamar

    I feel ya on that one, since day one when the news broke, it was immediately followed by that letter and that robbed me of the grieving process. I grew up WITH Gangstarr, my boyz and I were and are into real Hip Hop and to me Gangstarr was always the realest of them all. When my boy called me and told me Gurizzy passed I was very very sad, then I read that letter in hopes that some things would clear up and it just fucked me all up. There is another site I bumped into that went way in onto the negative side with some shit I could not even imagine. I feel like I know Guru and Premier, and im fighting to keep those fond memories alive. This is messed up as is alot of shit in our society, but this feels worse because music usually takes us away from our problems, this situation brings both of those things together, and that is what sucks. I love this site, and I love GANGSTARR…RIP GURU.

  • Comment from bg13

    to me the greatest MC of all time for the messages provided. Keep it all positive and keep these gems coming preem please!
    this letter is very upsetting! i can’t believe GURU wasn’t better able to see the manipulation. the devil has many froms.
    This con man has stole years of life from Keith as well as from everyone touched by his work and his life!
    Solar is the worst kind of person there is, I hope his pubic hairs get infested by a million fleas! Fuck off and die before somebody comes off with your bitch ass head.

  • Comment from Powder

    Daaaamn. That interview really says alot about solar. Things we all knew and speculated… I’m not a big fan of hip hop beef, & I think when artists get shot its horrible (RIP big, pac etc) but I hope someone shoots solar point blank in the face.

  • Comment from rich

    wow..iread the link article from Tasha Denham. Solar deserves to be beat so bad he can’t walk….just like he handicapped Guru life (more ways than one)…fuckin unbelievable. i hope someone get Solar bad

  • Comment from krudanze

    motherfucker! this solar bitch gotta perish already. hes probably the worst fuckin thing hip hop has ever witnessed. straight gods mistake. parody of human. it makes me so angry. that shithead could have caused something even worse i dont even wanna think about. bumpy finish him.

  • Comment from phil

    solar is an abusive person , shame on him

  • Comment from silverdust

    solar needs to stop tweeting from the guru gang starr twitter.

    take that gang starr logo off solars twitter while hes at it

  • Comment from bctw

    WOW WOW WOW! Props to you for unleashing this serious fucking gem! Please if you have more share it with us grateful fans who are still hungry for rarer guru shit like this! peace

  • Comment from crackdaddy

    only thing that really surprised me was that shit about Solar literally beating Guru up. WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT? as a young kid gang starr meant everything to me and all this shit really hurts. i’ve only had the pleasure of conversin with guru once when he was out chillin with the crowd after a show on the ill kid tour. But this man had so much character, charisma and yet was so down to earth – i mean, it’s really hard to imagine how Solar got such a strong hold on him.

    As i told guru that night ALMOST 10 YEARS AGO: him and primo literally helped make me who i am today. they are the single greatest musical duo of all time, and they will live on forever. and i will keep reppin that until i am buried to the sound of their music.

    solar better get his dumb ass into exile or sum shit. SOMEBODY is bound to beat this rat to death at some point..


  • Comment from bg13

    GURU is best mc of all time
    Preem is the best producer
    the words from guru were like that of a father
    Ive been bumoin jazzmatazz and gangstarr non stop
    This gods lessons to us all will ive on for ever
    read what he wrote on straight trahing guru saying he hopes this doesnt turn into an overatted situation like 2pac.
    FUCK HIM guru was better then anyone dead or alive and im afraid jay elec or even nas needs to throw some true to life jewelsa t the masses to teach like the true and living god keith elam!!!! RIP
    your presence in the movement will be missed my dude

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