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Gang Starr – Live @ Transmusicales, France (2003)

Keep enjoying him to the fullest! GURU! Got more rare shit to be honest.

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5 Responses to “Gang Starr – Live @ Transmusicales, France (2003)”

  • Comment from Alright Neil

    Primo, That was Dope!

    Thanx, Bruh……GANG STARR FOREVER!


  • Comment from krudanze

    man i wish i could have seen this shit by my own eyes. preemo has a nice mask 🙂

  • Comment from Beep

    Show is DOPE! Always dreamed to see Gang Starr on stage Live! Though my dreamed passed away together with Guru. Rest in peace Guru! Real HipHop!

  • Comment from Mohamed

    I watched you perform In Amsterdam summer of 1998 Just after Moment of truth got dropped.
    A festival called Drum and Rhythm Festival

    M.O.P, Common, Rakim, & Gang Starr performed Gang starr came on stage after Common, Rakim, And M.O.P did it…… Gang Starr Killed Right there…. Man that was Best experience of my Life.

    Gang starr one of the best who ever did it Hands Down Primo Best Hip Hop Dj & producer Who ever did it, Gang starr Forever.

    I wish one day that you find Conscious Mc Like Guru and Restart Gang Starr 2.

    R.I.P Guru

    Unbelievable is My all Time favorite Track that you produced.

    Long Life Primo.

  • Comment from GraffitiWriter

    Dope concert.. Gang Starr!! Preemo and Guru! 🙂 The best 😉

    Anyone know the beat in 2:55?

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