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Truck North & The 3rd’s “Out There” Is A Stolen DJ Premier Beat

10 days ago the world was blessed with another DJ Premier beat. The rap artists Truck North & The 3rd leaked their song they did with DJ Premier. Supported by NahRight who told me the beat was authentic. Like I said in the post of that leak, it’s quit strange we hear a Premo beat outta nowhere…

A reliable source told me DJ Premier never heard of the track until he was asked about it by him. The beat belongs already to a not-further-discussed other artist. How the Premo beat got in hands of them is still unknown, by time of this article, they were not reachable for further comments. DJ Premier is working on it to shut them down my source reported.

Update (12/17/2012): The not-further-discussed artist was Nas and he was the only one who had the beat. To this day DJ Premier still wonders how Truck North & The 3rd stole that beat. Anyway, the beat is now given to Teflon for his upcoming album “Contraband” and the Truck North track will be considered as a bootleg/fake on the trackology.

Story continues…

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9 Responses to “Truck North & The 3rd’s “Out There” Is A Stolen DJ Premier Beat”

  • Comment from Shawamar

    Yeah, this was funny when I first heard of it..It was kinda weird to NOT like a Preemo beat.

    Wish I knew who the not-further discussed artist wasssssss?

  • Comment from Oll-Zen

    crazy info ;D

  • Comment from der

    The beat belongs already to a not-further-discussed other artist.
    Hmmm…I’ most willing to bet the not-further-discussed artist Premo is speaking of is Kanye West!

  • Comment from whack

    thats whack.. i mean stealing a beat. those niggas have no respect

  • Comment from Mr.DevlinPrice

    You know this type of controversy will only fuel the mission set forth by The 3rd. I think that the track is SICK. Has Premo heard the track? He might have to agree. If someone can rip that track way better then them, then so be it. I DOUBT IT, but stranger things in Hip-Hop have happened! GL The3rd!

  • Comment from yoyo

    yo gim what happened to this?

  • Comment from Truck North

    lol…lemme dead this shit now….since it seems that mafuckas are STILL on this shit from 2 years ago…..we didnt steal the beat..who steals beats anyway..?…what happened was we got the production through a mutual comrad who said we had the blessing to rock. and it aint like we had any way to talk to primo…nor did we think that we had to considering who we got it from…or after we heard that he heard it and liked it….. With that being said, in no way did we want to disrespect primo..his legacy is one that we would have been honored to be apart of…chalk this one to youthful exuberance and mistrust… consider it a bootleg/fake all you want…we were told to not use it…or speak on it…so we havent…now 2yrs later we’ve moved past it..and ive seen him since then…and he didnt say a thing about it…..lets move on shall we

    • Comment from greeniydbandit

      lemme get two copies of that instrumental on vinyl. i promise i won’t tell anyone i have it

  • Comment from Truck North

    furthermore…..NO ONE….including you…..reached out to anyone of us to get out side…..that is all

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