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DJ Premier Talks Digging With Suite903

Wassup with all those interviews haha? But it still don’t bore me! DJ Premier talks about digging, hip hop, and influences.

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  • Comment from dustybeats

    I agree with preemo because hip hop is in its 30th plus years as a recorded art form so naturally most of the guys that started in this are Im guessing 60 and under.. Im in my 40s and I started in 1976..By that time GMF and the furious 5 were already legends..Jeckyll and Hyde were huge with those red 5 dollar casettes (Harlem stand up)When i find recods thati dont have I still get excited as well but not enough to tip off the seller(see music factory/bates/downstairs records etc.. never let em see you sweat.The production side is a natural progression form being a mc to a dj and finally a beat maker.Now I know some people will say you dont have to be those things to make beats but it does help if you have a back ground in these areas.Of course we love not just like music because as was mentioned you dont always buy records because you want to sample them.Sometimes you just want to groove and enjoy the music.I dont buy records for the covers anymore hahaha you have to follow the artists who they produce and who they played with( unlike today).Yes Hiphop still excites me whether im making it or listening to it..Guru R.I.P.

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