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DJ Premier Talks New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro… Just Boom Bap’

With Kanye West busy recording his upcoming tentatively-titled album Good Ass Job in his Diamond Head, Hawaii studio, another legendary producer is offering insight into the buzz-heavy project.

“I’m working with Kanye. He reached out to me like, ‘Yo, you at the studio?’” “DJ Premier tells VIBE. “He came by at 8 p.m. and didn’t leave until three in the morning. We were drinking Grey Goose and just bugging out. It was me, Kanye and Showbiz, from Showbiz & AG talking about the whole industry.”

As for Good Ass Job’s overall sound, Preemo says the album, which also reportedly features production from RZA, Q-Tip and Pete Rock, will be a nod to early ‘90s hip hop.

“He told me how he wanted this album to be really boom-bap, hard, hard beats,” Premier says. “He said, ‘No electro Preem, I swear no electro [Laughs].’ Ye is still that crazy dude he’s always been. He’s really focused on making this album raw. So I gave him a banger and he said he wanted two more on top of that one. I’m giving him two more this week.”


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7 Responses to “DJ Premier Talks New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro… Just Boom Bap’”

  • Comment from JamesV

    Woo! I cant wait!

  • Comment from jr

    I hope Kanye just does boom bap for the rest of his career

  • Comment from XTRA-P

    Cant fuckin wait, I feel you Jr. Kanye should do Boop-Bap for the rest of his life, LOL.

  • Comment from DanielToronto

    I have been waiting for this. If anyone can deliver a hip-hop renaissance, it’s Premier and Kanye.

    Premo has always kept it real, and his beats are always pure, uncut hip-hop at it’s finest.

    Kanye has the versatility and history to deliver a new school throwback to the golden era of New York street shit.

    I pray everyday, that the next “trend” in contemporary hip-hop, brings us back to the organic, gritty and soulful sound of early-mid 90’s New York rap.

    By the way, DJ Premier should be elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A true music innovator, and hip-hop ambassador.

    R.I.P. Guru and Peace to Preme.

  • Comment from Berto

    this is good for Kanye, cuz he’d get back the true respect from the real headz as a real underground artist. when he came out with 808s, i gave it a try, buuuut i wasnt feelin much of it – he shouldn’t have graduated! lol. then after that he obviously went pop, started makin bullskit, and becoming a media puppet with that whole mtv awards show situation.

    i give it up to Kanye for tryin new shit after Graduation, no doubt. i jus wasnt feelin it, and it ain’t hate, fa sure. but if Kanye is workin wit pete rock, preem, show, rza, and q-tip(!), this article speaks in high volumes. good for mr. west..

  • Comment from Robert

    can’t wait to hear this album.I have a very good feeling about it!!
    Yes,i totally agree that hiphop should go back to it’s raw,gritty and organic roots.I’m sick of the wack ass electro b.s fo’ real…lol

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    Wasted beats….

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