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Moz – Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1

This is something new I’m going to do with this blog. With more then 1500 clicks a day I could promote a lot of things, so why not people I know who should be recognized in my eyes? I really enjoy helping people. And to stay in the lane of hip hop I present to you “Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1” by my man Moz. He is a producer from Croatia who is also a big fan of DJ Premier‘s work. If I didn’t feel his beats I wouldn’t post this, it really got that 90s flavor! You rarely see that. With Damu The Fudgemunk in my back head this is a great addition to chill out. Listen yourself:

Moz – Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1

I would appreciate any kind of feedback, what do you think of the beats? Should I post more of this or not? For any MC who wants more information or ask him for something feel free to email him at or visits his myspace here. He’s a very friendly person. And I’m telling you, this guy got loads of beats waiting to be spit on!!

I would like to thank you all for reading and listening!

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