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Roy Ayers Talks Hip Hop Sampling & Touring With Guru

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7 Responses to “Roy Ayers Talks Hip Hop Sampling & Touring With Guru”

  • Comment from Da Huge

    What a smart man, realistic about everything. Props don’t pay the rent and very open for all kinds of music.
    A true hero and example.

  • Comment from who shot john

    Well, Looks like ill be sampling some Roy tonight.

  • Comment from Mufro

    More and more “DJ Premier Blog” is posting stuff that has nothing to do with Prem. Give us Premo news, since it’s kind of a blog about him.

    Just saying…

  • Comment from Chill07

    @Mufro, maybe it’s because there is no news about premier?

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I don’t think “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” is the most sampled song. It’s probably “The Funky Drummer”.

    @Mufro – Sampling in hip hop and touring with Guru are DJ Premier related things. Plus DJ Premier was interviewed for that Roy Ayers documentary that’s coming soon.

    Nice video and interview.

  • Comment from GlyphTab

    Aahh, Hip Hop sampling…Talk about history!

  • Comment from Hector Klink

    Roy Ayers is a stand-alone name, word. His catalog in soulful acid jazz covers a lot of ground, is so funky you gotta keep his shit near your Coke Escovedo records. When it comes to sample based hip-hop he’s relevant all year, every year!

    Thanks to Gim for putting this up.

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