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K-Def – Times Change (Prod. by K-Def)

Lol, I don’t even have to tell you visitors who K-Def is, am I?? This is a new beat from his upcoming instrumental 7inch (yes, thank god some new vinyl in 2011) “For Def’s Sake” out on the 9th of August via our good friends at Redefinition Records and Fat Beats! This is why I do it:

You can buy it here.

BUT MAYBE… you don’t have to buy it, because we going to give some copies away very soon! Just like we did with Damu’s latest release, a simple not to easy question. Stay tuned!! Support the real!

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8 Responses to “K-Def – Times Change (Prod. by K-Def)”

  • Comment from zilla

    Nice chops from K-def. He’s obviously into anime as well. I recently employed the same sample on a song I did. Drums are crisp,clear and PHAT. Need I say more…..mad props and respect

  • thx alot for posting and promoting this K-Def gem, I absolutely love this track and the two others on the 7″. i received both this and the latest Damu in the mail this Friday.

    we(Redefinition Records, me, Justice from 2DopeBoyz and Chris Moss) have been working on an official K-Def project that we’re about to put out very soon. stay tuned!!

    if ya’ll are K-Def fans, check out all these gems right here – including the fullly Def produced, but unreleased, World Renown album from the mid ’90s, DJ sets, some rare tracks, etc and more is on the way:

  • Comment from rollo

    k def be on some real live shit!

  • Comment from Phil

    Those samples are tasty … but the drums are boring.

  • Comment from Dario

    Phil as a fan of Kdef I had to check your music to see where you were coming from with that comment about Def’s drums. To be honest; your whole project sounds boring.

    Where’s Larry O at?!

  • Comment from Phil

    @ Dario : you’re not a fan, you’re a groupie.

    Anyways why do you have to compare my work to Kdef’s? What’s the point?

  • Comment from Phil

    Besides I’m a fan of K-Def myself … just saying a few change ups drum-wise would have been cool. Your reaction was pathetic tho, I don’t know why you’re offended since there was nothing personal in my criticism.

  • Comment from Saad

    That’s a Nujabes sample at the start, right? Forgot what song it was.

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