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Preemish: Breez Evahflowin – I Love Hip-Hop (Prod. by DJ Fakts One)

Dear ni99as and white ni99as,

we go on with the next round. Today we continue with a man people say it wasn’t hard for him to grab the mic and represent. Probably cuz hip-hop’s been running through his veins ever since. We’re talking about Breez Evahflowin’.

MC Breez was a founding member of the rap collective “Stronghold” (Poison Pen, LIFE Long etc., most known due to C-Rayz Walz in my opinion to be honest). He emerged as a leading force in the New York and national battle rap scenes during the late ’90s and was crowned National Grand Champion at the Blaze Battle Competition in ‘99. However, to this day Breez has remained relatively unknown and low key. He generated popularity slowly with his EP’s (“Pro-Files”, “Fly”), LP’s (“Troublemakers” with Dirt E Dutch, “Breez deez Treez” and his goodbye album “As he goes on…” in ’10) and a big ass full of 12 inches (“Forsaken”, “I heard it”, “Refined” etc.). We check out his 12 inch “Between dah seams” today and listen to his cut “I love Hip-Hop” cause that’s what we do too! The beat was done by the good old Fakts Uno who you certainly already have heard of somehow, be it for some of his production for many artists or his group the Perceptionists together with Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. Is this rap shyt worth more than gold? Breez might give an answer:

Breez Evahflowin – I Love Hip-Hop (Prod. by DJ Fakts One)


FubiZz (

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7 Responses to “Preemish: Breez Evahflowin – I Love Hip-Hop (Prod. by DJ Fakts One)”

  • Comment from TheBatMan

    Shouts to Breez caught him a few times in the Pyramid Avenue A.. years back… TheBatMan

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    This shit is fuckin dope. I like the new additions to the Preemish column. Waiting for new Prem tracks is easier when we have other good artists to help ease the wait!

  • Comment from Sam

    I’ve been searching this beat for 10 years after hearing Buckshot spit a freestyle on it.
    Thx Gim, thx Breez & Fakts One and last but not least, thx to Preem himself.
    Peace to y’all 🙂

  • Comment from gimantalon

    and thanks FubiZz!! 😉

  • Comment from DJSoulClap

    I got this on wax. The cover has a naked chick with a mic between her boobs on it. Dope 12″

  • Comment from Fakts

    Yo FuBiZz thanks for the love!! Its an honor to be considered “Preemish” Be on the lookout for some new shit.

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ Fakts:

    I assume that you are really Fakts One, I can’t verify it of course, so: It’s an honor for me too! Thank you for all your dope music, I have listened to every single joint you did when I was young. I will be on the lookout for new stuff and it would be great if you contact me when you’re planning to do something new ( and I will spread the word.

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