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Preemish: Free Speech & Nameles – The Anthem (Prod. by Nameles)

Hey everybody, let’s roll!

Not much can be said about our next favored two. Los Angeles duo MC Free Speech and producer Nameles did the mixtape “Calisthenix” in 2006. In the same year Speech dropped a 10-track album called “Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth” together with producer Ro Blvd. We give a listen to their leadsingle “The Anthem” of “Calisthenix”. How often have you been disappointed by a title that doesn’t deliver what it promises to be? Especially for “The Anthem” titles that’s often the case. Not so on this one. The duo may be quite nameless but this track has the fire to make you speechless. My advice quit talking it’s over:

Free Speech & Nameles – The Anthem (Prod. by Nameles)



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10 Responses to “Preemish: Free Speech & Nameles – The Anthem (Prod. by Nameles)”

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    rather stoupe-ish than preemish..

  • Comment from Cmon Son

    yeah, keep the integrity of this site by keeping it only Dj Premier related. Anyone can attempt to duplicate Premier’s sound, that shouldn’t make it worthy to be on the only website that is some what directly linked to Primo.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @cmon son, what integrity?? if you don’t like the post just oversee it or get the fuck outta here lol. it’s plain simple, don’t waste your time on things you don’t want to hear/see. my advice 2 you.

  • Comment from Marius J

    i got maaaany Preemish soongs! where can i post them?

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @marius j,

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @cmon son: the preemish section has been here since day one but now you complain about the “integrity” of this site? I think there are a lot of people who like it. Also, i try my best to chose tracks most people haven’t heard of so it also serves as a suggestion to dig around a bit, cause that’s what you do most of the time as a Hip-Hop listener. Nothing to add what Gim already said.

  • Comment from Marius J

    okey i will send you an email soon 🙂

  • Comment from Traestar

    Classic track….but my question is, WHERE’s Free Speech, Ro Blyd, Nameless, Micah James!! All have been on hiatus for about 4 years!!

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ Traestar: I think they simply stopped doing music or at least that’s what I can say about Nameles and Free Speech. Hard to understand I know (for me too) but they have their comprehensible reasons. I’ve talked with Nameles and he told me he might go back to the lab and do something again with Free Speech one day.

  • Comment from Traestar

    @FubiZz I’m just noticing you responded. Well if Nameles wants to come back in, now is his time! We gotta another Nameless right now on the rise!

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