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Exclusive: Première of Prop Dylan – Shock & Amaze (Produced by DJ Premier) MUSIC VIDEO

It’s here folks, la première of the collaboration between DJ Premier and Swedish artist Prop Dylan. Enjoy this piece of real hip hop going into your ear to the fullest!

Coming soon on digital and 12inch…

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21 Responses to “Exclusive: Première of Prop Dylan – Shock & Amaze (Produced by DJ Premier) MUSIC VIDEO”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Good shit. The scratches are crazy

  • Comment from boom bap

    I’ll cop the vinyl for sure!!!
    real hiphop right here

  • Comment from smokeyjoe


  • Comment from yoyo


    The beat reminds me of some of the beats on the Warriorz LP!

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Did Preem sample James Earl Jones’s voice?

  • Comment from marseye

    i’m a bit disappointed, average track from primo 🙁

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    I love the cuts but i’m not so sure about the beat.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    average track?? oh my god you must be kiddin, this is one of the funkiest, no hold on, FONKIEST tracks he’s done in YEARS!!
    the way this beat is built is crazy, the interlude in the hook which leads to the next verse is DOOOPE, when did we hear such a dope segue a premier track?? the cuts are classic preem, and “bronx steele” could be rite, sounds like james earl jones, would be amazing if it’s really him..
    props to prop, he did his thing
    lyrical & original 🙂

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    Let’s try to have some clarity here, about what is wrong and what is right:

    1 – same sh*t than for Soulkast, why does he have to say “Preem let’s go” whatever-dummy sentence….As if he wants to get a proof to show to the judge : “you hear that, Primo speaks, he did it with me, no joke”.
    2 – same sh*t than for Soulkast, look “I’m in New-York” style…you see my cap, what do you see? LA cap? naaahhh that’s the NY cap my friend (as if his fan base could think : Dam* is it Tokyo we see on the video?”. tired of seeing these NYC cap all day long as if they were making the dude credibility.
    3 – fed up of Cameo from DJ Premier or for from the Headzquarterz…for years I wanted to see the D&D (that obscure studio from which masterpieces emerged); now I’m just disguted to see it everytime…there is no add-value in that(was better when it was a kinda secret bat-cave).

    1 – the beat is not the bestof the year but it does the job, the more i listen to it the more….
    2 – i feel his flow and rhymes somehow(but once again can’t we expect more from European guys to quote Nas or Biggie, to see NYC streets just to get a rep? the form is lazy (like Poet’s video “ain’t nothing changed”, so disappointing for such a great song)…come on be creative on the mic (they obviously are) but be creative on the video too dam* it !!!!
    3 – I like the 3rd verse, don’t know why….

    – you are French, ain’t you?
    – yes, why?
    – you speak too much dude…for real 😉

  • Comment from mtllou75

    this is nice didnt no what to expect thought it was gonna b another wack euro combo. but im loving the beat & scratches, (however it doesnt have traditional preem sound i find it funky as fuck.) his rapping is on too, might have to check sum of his other shit. this summer is looking very promising

  • Comment from Phil

    ahhhh this is more than DOPE.

  • Comment from LG ROC

    oh my GO———-DDD!!!!!
    This is straight NEW ERA!

  • Comment from FubiZz

    @ Jean Ferrat: hahahaha, nice man!! The wrong list made me laugh a lot, truth included by the way. But on the whole still way better than bling-bling videos any day, you know.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Finally something dope with a Euro artist.

  • Comment from sickstar

    This is pretty dope, nice and funky. This will definitely get some love on the 1’s and 2’s. Dude sounds a bit like a young fat joe though. Still nice.

  • Comment from Cmon Son

    Bottom line, Dj Premier came correct on the beat, production is sick hats off brother. And I never heard of Propdylan before, but he did a good job especially for someone over seas. Great work all together, and give thanks Premier is still doing his thing in music.

  • Comment from Budd Hello

    riggedy rough! one of these ‘growers’ 😀
    for those who didn’t know, go and check out prop dylan!

  • Comment from Guy G

    oh ..WOW!!

  • This song is fuckin B A N G I N!!!!!! I think that Prop Dylan comes off pretty nice as well. And yes, dope scratches from Preem! I can’t wait for the 12″ vinyl single to drop… I’m coppin doubles!

    Jean Ferrat, the fuck are you mentioning Soulkast so much for??? Soulkast is kind of lame to be honest with you. Even all his own people in France say he’s lame. When Primo was in France a few months ago, he even said he had ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE comin up to him askin why he decided to work with Soulkast cuz he’s just some clown with money who’s PAYING to get on with everybody. Have you heard the song that Apathy made with that “Premiere Salve” beat??? Its 20x better!!! Don’t get me wrong though, I did buy the Soulkast 12″, but it was mostly for the Instrumental. Soulkast is a little difficult to listen to. Even that track by Venom that DJ Premier remixed is better.

    And what’s wrong with wearing a NY Yankees cap??? A lot of people do because Hiphop was born in NY and people look at NY as the hopme of Hiphop. Even I see it that way and I’m from Cali (but I always rock my SF Giants cap). peace

  • OOPS!! Here’s that Apathy joint with the “Premiere Salve” beat which is 20x better then the Soulkast record…

  • Comment from jean ferrat

    @ Shaun D. aka Wicked

    just came back from holidays and I saw weird things…again? damnnnnnnnn

    firstly where did you read that I worship Soulkast’s track? You must have smoked sth too strong for you 🙂
    Being French I do know that his lyrics are lazy…My first remark stating “why did he mention Premier’s name at the beginning?”, do you really think it’s a compliment??? if you do I can’t do nuttin for you man 🙂

    there is nothing wrong wearing a NY cap if you feel it my friend…..if you think you need that to recognize your peers (who are hip hop lover as you realy seem to be) when you are lost on the streets, good luck….what I was trying to say was that non-US rappers wearing that to show “man, “I’m doing raw sh*t” are fooling themselves & make me laugh. I don’t need to see Blaq Poet with a NY cap to feel he represents my grimy and dark loved NY sh*t….that’s all i wanted to underline.

    When I go digging for records, trust me the people I spend hours and hours with, who know what the real rap sounds like, trust me they barely wear a NY cap… and to make things clear, I own a blue NY cap myself, and I don’t feel wearing it (make me sick and I realised some wack rappers undermine it somehow)…it’s in my closet and I must have worn it 2 twice max. But I respect your view and I know in the US wearing a cap is sth which is different from the rest of the world (to make stories short here in France 95% of those wearing NY cap don’t know who Premlier is…but they fought to get Black Eyes Peas tickets when they came to France last week hihi 🙂

    Peace too

    Apathy track is great, but between you & me (and I’m sure we will both agree on that) anything English speaking mothafuc*a will perform better than Soulkast on that primo track lol

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