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Preemish: Tribeca – The World’s Best (Prod. by DJ Cosla)

Wassup Cosla, I remember you from the forum years back !! Dope track man…

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24 Responses to “Preemish: Tribeca – The World’s Best (Prod. by DJ Cosla)”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Sick beat! The video is pretty cool as well. Wish we had more prem tracks like this on the regular!

  • Comment from rollo

    classic style. Preem perfected it….but JAMES BROWN INVENTED IT. Soooooo anyone is free to try it…just do it well!

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    agree sick beat. Disagree, the video is wack….as many others dope track which unfortunately came along wack.

    maybe time to raise that question : is that because you don’t have as much budget as Lady gaga that you cannot be creative on your video? watch some videos on YouTube and you will know the answer.

    cannot understand that sorry. dope track with wack video (or average), how could it be? be creative dam* it. we have 5 senses, and when i see that video only my ears are pleased, not my eyes.

    but once again very dope track (would have deserved a 3rd verse !!!)

  • Comment from Corrado

    Wow! this is a dope track! you have right Rollo, James Brown invented it ! Respect to the king…..
    but I’m not agree with Jean Ferrat… sorry man but you have to change your glasses lol The music video is SICK too !!! plus it’s directed by Todd Angkasuwan ( he worked with Preemo, Evidence, KrsOne, Talib kweli and many real cats in this game…)

    for your education check it out :

  • Comment from DJ Excellence

    Not a big fan of Tribeca but the beat knocks!

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat


    a rap music video shot in times square, guess what I’ve never seen that before? A video shot on a basketball playground, guess what i never seen before it’s so so ….so classy, so revolutionary, so out of mind. some special FX in a video rap that make ppl laugh, never seen before too.

    Can i request a moment for silence and ask this video to be the best rap video of the year, because man i’m so amazed. Things we never seen before and that make history.

    once again some ppl don’t need some Todd i-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-his-name to make more creative and dope videos sorry.

    I might need glasses 4 sure, but you you surely need to understand that out there a real competition is rampant and that ppl will simply laugh seeing that video because it’s wack, with no soul (the director is not even able to shot a video telling the rapper : “man, you move like a robot, wtf is that?” …and then you tell me this cat is famous, good for him he’s got his money i guess….I won’t even hire him for shooting a friend’s wedding, ppl afterwards could think it’s a funeral).

    to make story short it’s wack, missed. I was watching Meth & Red’s Whateva man the other day…guess what it’s old but 1000 times funnier greater more creative than this one…want other examples? got plenty

    spare your time my friend, it’s wack and that’s it…i won’t bother if the track was wack, unfortunately it’s dope and it doesn’t match sorry.

    be mad or be glad, but be creative DAM* IT

  • Comment from bro

    this is good news to me after hearing that new m.o.p. snowgoons song. why? because it’s 2011 and producers basically stopped trying and said f-it and started doing what they should neva eva eva eva eevvaaaaaa do…sample another hip-hop producers’ drums! i’m talking about dj premier’s drums here of course

    i’m sorry but i came up back in the days and this was and still is to me a mortal sin. it is biting to the fullest degree and not something i would be able to stomach doing without feeling hella pathetic about as a producer(this is me though, if cats got preme’s blessing then they have the authority so i can’t front on that)

    having said that…

    i spent the summer of 2009 with a roland s-750 and figured out how to make drums like premo. it’s an esoteric method and takes hours sometimes, but the results are so above and beyond the initial expectations it is worth it. although don’t try doing it on headphones and don’t expect to come away a winner every time you step to the beat machine. failure is part of the process. i ain’t giving up the actual details though, because you – must – learn!

    sorry i ranted about that here but it had to be said. now i see in both of these instances the producers in question are both european. Not trying to start anything here but I always thought europe and the rest of the world had an even better understanding and appreciation of all things pure about hip-hop than those in north america. Come on guys sample your own drums, please!

    just like the song says:

    some cats be fakin’ the move in other words, breakin’ the rules!


  • Comment from joshmoe

    stop biting preme’s drums!

  • Comment from rollo

    So a rhetorical question…what about when Primo took the EPMD drums (he said he did) for MASS APPEAL? Or are great producers allowed to steal drums?

  • Comment from bro

    one caveat of the golden rule….it is only acceptable when crossing genres. like alchemist using cram to understand you drums for prodigy’s keep it thoro or primo with epmd like you said….you could kind of get away with using those joints because they are mostly drum machine sounds and an 80’s electro sound, almost a different genre. once the real heavy 70’s analog boom bap drums caught on in the 90’s it became more coveted especially the drums

    i’ll put it like this…

    back in the mid nineties era…you could flip the same sample as someone else and do your thing and get props…but you ain’t touching another producers drums….that was serious cause for a ‘beat’ down (i jest). sure you could sample the same drums from your own records, which even then you had to try to be creative, but taking drums from other current hip-hop producers was definitely not happening

    most importantly, and to me, it takes about 99% of the fun out of beat making. that’s the challenge and why it is so cool.

  • Comment from Dick B

    Dope track, basically a Premier copycat though.

  • Comment from Corrado

    @Jean Ferrat

    Everyone knows that Preem works with wack men LOL You’re a funny dude !


    Is it a good track or not ? What’s the essential for you ? I don’t care if it’s a Preem drum or not…. All i know the beat knocks! 🙂

  • Comment from rollo

    I see it as a non issue…primo and alchemist steal drums….the common no name producer can too, so long as the track is dope. that’s the main thing…kanye is notorious for stealing drums…he was even going to take one of Eminem’s floppy disks out of an MPC when the two were at the same studio. (before he saw the security camera). true story,

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat


    your quote : Everyone knows that Preem works with wack men LOL You’re a funny dude !

    my answer : yes it happened, and it’s not a shame…Mic miller, Soulkast and many more…it’s just that history will remember he has made more good choices than bad choices, but unless you want to re-write history like Nazi or Red Communist Regims, you cannot arguably says he has never worked with wack ppl.

    your argument is like saying Preemo has only shaken hands in his entire life to real cats, never to assholes because he is Preemo….non sense sorry

    even though it’s my favorite producer (and i guess he is for you too), don’t worship everything he does and says…like everybody else he’s human, makes mistakes. He uses Serato, some of us are against….so what. both sides are happy, right? so what’s your point.

    and once again you didn’t answer the main question : why in that video makes you think it’s a dope video, I’m curious to know that…please justify.

    this director could be a great one, but sometimes failures happen even for the greatest, this what i was trying to say (but to be honest life is beautiful out there are too many to see, so i didn’t know the guy, i haven’t checked your link as not really interested in seeing what he did, even if it was good, all i know he failed that video and that’s enough for me)

    The funny guy to an even funnier guy

  • Comment from Corrado


    Tottaly agree with you man. No name producer can too, so long as the track is dope.

    @Jean Ferrat

    I don’t have to justify… I watched the video and it looks dope. My eyes neva lie.
    Anyway you must be one of the few ppl who think the video is wack…

  • Comment from hellraiser

    @Jean ferrat: you said preem works with wack artist like mac miller or soulkast,
    but man, preemo got his own ears & taste, and i think he k
    ows music much better than you,
    why are they wack? cuz they re young? or white? or from france?
    c’mon man, i don’t like both of them, but when i heard preem will work with them i don’t closed my mind & said they re wack bla bla… i listened & make up my own mind on them…
    nobody have the right to say this or that is wack….
    you just have to say you don’t like it…
    taste is a personnal thing, for exemple, some peoples says celph titled is wack & some other says he’s dope…
    who’s right? who’s wrong?
    nobody have this answer
    c’mon son…

  • Comment from Corrado

    @hellraiser : Real Talk ! 😉

  • Comment from bobby ball

    Sounds too much like premo, be original!

  • Comment from MartOne

    Sounds like boom bap type of song….

  • Comment from MartOne

    @bobby ball : Thankfully, it doesn’t sound too much like Justin Bieber lol 😀

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    the dynamic duo re-united 🙂 Corrado and Hellraiser, the funny clowns are in town

    why they are wack? because when they speak on the mic they DONT’T MAKE ME LOOK ANYTHING, I don’t feel anything (no soul, not a sentence I remember when I’m on the street without my mp3 player, N.O.T.H.I.N.G). and don’t play me that white-black sh*t pls, that’s nothing to do with it.

    if they made you look anything please share with us, and don’t be fucking cowards telling “I don’t have to justify to you”…only animals don’t because they cannot speak…or hypocrits. so again don’t play me that shit pls…

    u mix everything my friend : “taste is a personnal thing, for exemple, some peoples says celph titled is wack & some other says he’s dope…”
    u might find sth dope and don’t like it. Cypress Hill ? dope but not my favorite type of rap. But i know they are dope.

    I kick as* everyday trying to protect the dopeness, trying to make ppl listen real sh*t so of course I’m allowed to say what it’s dope and what’s not (I’ve got the Soulkast, only playing the instrumental..the beat is dope, the lyrics are wack).
    Who will do it if not us? if you are pleased to see that ppl think rap = black Eyed peas, good for you….I am not satisfied with that, I pull my weight as far as i can (maybe useless but it would mean each of us on that blog are poor people).
    as I said to friends not addicted to rap music : “that you don’t like it i could understand, but that’s dope…the stuff you sent me, “Chris Brown” is not dope, it’s sth else”. that’s it.

    if you are dumb enough to think a dope beat = dope lyrics = dope videos (or vice versa) go f*** yourself I can’t do nothing for you men.

    Preemo knows music better than me, it’s doesn’t know dopeness better than me. Because Preemo is not dopeness, he is a part of the dopeness I like and I’m looking for. the dopest tracks I know are not all from Preemo. he is a big part of the equation 4 sure, he made and helped me like the dopeness, forcing me to dig, teaching me that rap culture was absent from the radio….but as far I understand (that’s my view when i analyse myself) dopeness was in my DNA the day I was born, Preemo might have revealed it (actually he did but everybody has his/her own story with Preemo and the underground sound)

    loop closed 😉

  • Were the effects made with Windows Movie maker? lol

  • Comment from terrytee

    Yeah it cool but if COSLA can’t show improve, find his own sound n’ feel his lack of creativity will soon be obvious. Sorry but first thing i heard in my head was the MC lyte line “beat biter, dope style taker, tell you to your face you an’t nothing but a faker” “you stole the beat, now are you having fun with it?”

  • Comment from Lukson

    Check this out terrytee :
    As you can see DJ Premier himself don’t think that he is a “Faker” 😀

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