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DJ Premier: “You Need To Own At Least 1000 Records To Call Yourself A DJ”

What do you think?

Props to @irunsny

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39 Responses to “DJ Premier: “You Need To Own At Least 1000 Records To Call Yourself A DJ””

  • Comment from DJ Excellence

    Preem is from the old school so of course he’s going to defend vinyl and record ownership.

  • Comment from Mick

    To right perm , I have collecting vinyl for 20 years . Real hip hop put there hands in there pockets. Fuck these so called hip hop fans who don’t own shit and download everything. I know people who have download every perm produced track and never paid a penny.

  • I dont really think the record count matters cause I have about 2000 records, and by no means do i qualify as an official DJ. I can hang with the basic DJ vinyl skills (Scratch, transform, mix, blend, and crowd control) but when i want to really do it up, i call on a real DJ to get the job done. I would never overstep that boundary cuz i know my place as a beat maker.

    But younger dudes that came up on Sarato are teaching veteran DJs a lesson too. Work smarter, not harder. I know if DJ premier had Sarato back in the days, he would’ve used it too. Sarato is waaayyy cheaper and efficient than having 100 crates of records. Back than, We all had to work with what he had, so we made the best of it. In turn it, it gave us an extra set of skills that prolly will never be learned by Sarato users. But in today’s times, they normally do not need those skills to get by.

    Different times call for different tools when it comes to DJing.. just my opinion.

  • I agree 100%!! And I think it should be a lot more then 1,000 records cuz that really ain’t shit when you think about it, but whatever.

    I’ve been buyin records since ’89 and have a VERY respectable collection of all Hiphop and find it ridiculous when you have these fuckin CLOWNS who have nothin but a hard drive full of shit. I personally don’t even use Serato and never will. If I was soin gigs all the time, then maybe I would for that aspect, but even then it would be hard for me. Vinyl is Hiphop and if you don’t have any vinyl regardless if you are a DJ or not, then I gotta ask what the fuck is wrong with you???

  • Comment from killer dope

    vinyl forever – just coped j live’s album and large pro’s key to the city 12″ on vinyl. fuck you so called premo fan you who just download his shit

  • Comment from bro

    still in 2011 i have old records that have never seen the internet or cd and maybe never will. it’s still all about the hunt and the obscurities and rich history that records provide(not to mention the superior sound). plus vinyl is just soooooo delicious (like the old rap label, bad joke)

  • Comment from ikfjasd

    love premo, but this is bullshit

  • Comment from Brian

    keep living in the stone age

  • Comment from Dick B

    I agree with SIC Skeematics. You honestly don’t really need to have any special skills or a surplus of records to call yourself a DJ really. There are no requirements to buying turntables and start spinning records. With that being said, I guess there are certain things that a lot of skilled DJs who’ve been in the hip hop game for a while respect. They appreciate having vinyl and such things because that’s how hip hop started, so if you’re going to gain the respect of them you need to have those special ‘requirements’. Which is cool, and I can see why hd’d say that.

  • Comment from nOF

    Maybe, I have thousands of vinyl in my household, and I’m an asshole.

  • I think it’s pretty fuckin hilarious how the FAKE CLOWNS are the ones who take offense to Preem talkin that REAL shit! Record shoppin and diggin for vinyl is a part of Hiphop, period. Like I said earlier, you don’t need to be a DJ to own vinyl cuz most people who do own vinyl are not DJ’s.

    Only faggits gotta turn on a Computer or a Laptop and a hard drive to listen to their music. Those of us REAL muthafuckas simply drop the needle on that wax we got. hahahaha Fuckouttahere!

  • Comment from Brian

    i don’t own vinyl, but i can honestly say i have hard copies(CDs & CD-Rs)of 99% of the music i own. yall can lug around a thousand records and think you’re king shit of turd island…i really don’t give a fuck – it’s your life. but for me…i like to keep things simple. this “u got to own atleast 1000 records” talk sounds like some supremist bullshit.

  • Comment from maya

    i don’t care anybody comment like a shit, but i still love this video

  • Comment from Dj Sam

    hmmm. its a shame to see a man i respect so much chat so much shit. get with the times preem.

  • Comment from mike

    this is a age thing. i am 34 and i grow up buying vinyl. i would work all week and saturday would be record hunting. youngsters just download now and thats a big reason why hip hop has gone to the dogs because artist are not making any money and this leads to(so called) artists using gimicks to sale (beef, wack ass mix tapes, r&b hooks, techno beats). but it also leads to artists not putting out there music on vinyl as it is more expensive to put out (lucky 99% of hip hop has been shit since the end of the 90’s. But i will still be buying vinyl if the music is good enough because music always sounds the best on wax. (cd’s sounds thin and mp3’s are worse).

  • Comment from rollo

    @mike…you make a good point. But there is a dark side. Once the internet is locked down and becomes TV, owned by big players like FOX and NBC..there will be no free downloads. Music will be sold for big $$$$ money again but will that be good?

  • Comment from Brian

    static does not make a song sound better

  • lol @ Brian with his “static does not make a song sound better”. You sound like a faggit who got hurt by Premier’s statements. *shaking head*

    Rollo, I can’t wait for the day when all these sad clowns can’t download for free anymore. haha And I still buy everything good on vinyl that comes out on vinyl. I will never stop supporting the BEST format. I will always buy cd’s too.

  • Comment from mike

    @brian yes it does hip hop is supposed it sound dirty, also you get a richer and fuller sound.

  • Comment from rollo

    I feel the same way Shaun D…a lot of cats don’t realize how rugged the future will be

  • Comment from Maza

    “-there will be no free downloads. Music will be sold for big $$$$ money again but will that be good”
    like the cassete era, people wil get the radio rip mp3! lol

  • Comment from SvR247365

    If people werent so trained everyone would shake their head in agreement and KIM, but staying true doesnt come with dollar signs does it…
    Preemo is making a point to do your history. Thats an OG speaking and hes 100000% correct. you gotta have some level of appreciation for this shit or your just a sheep! simple. I get sick of these new age cats who pattern themselves after a guy like preemo, but go AGAINST everything he stands for! All this rebelling as if hip hop is in a much better place now! ok dudes is making $ but at what cost? none of the youth respects or knows shit about hiphop, ANY of the elements, the forefathers or anything. The new age producers LOOK DOWN on sampling, hardware & vinyl, CORE ELEMENTS mind you,and TRY to be bubble gum pop stars! These type of dudes jack drums, loop corny shit, you name it then point the finger back at hip hop like “sampling is stealing too”! Like WTF? We dont have nothing of our own anymore! everybody is a mr me too all for the sake of getting paid, and whats even worse is these kids AGREE with it! They think if your not dickriding whats hot (without actually calling it dickriding)your a hater and your old! AGE IS ACTUALLY A TREND can you believe this shit? Thank god for preemo and niggas like pete rock still shoving that raw shit down your fuckin throat. Thats shit pisses these new age crybaby niggas off and I love it..cause we aint goin nowhere!!

  • Comment from Brian

    LOL @ shaun d. who can’t even spell the word “faggot” correctly – yo son it’s spelled with an O not an I. get educated before you open your big fat fuckin’ mouth…idiot.

  • Comment from Brian

    oh by the way – there will always be a way to get music for free…if you don’t realize that then your a fuckin’ moron. i wish i could of downloaded music back in the late 80’s up until the present times…that shit would have saved me thousands of dollars and i could have helped to take a shit on all the record company devils.

  • Comment from VIC One

    I LOVE Hip Hop so much that I am still learning about it’s history.
    I have spent so much MONEY on Hip Hop that at many times I did not pay my bills. And believe me I LOVED it. I know that’s not right but I did not want to miss out on the music. As a DJ I owned over 3000 Records and DJ Premier is very right about what he said. I just do not agree with him on that sorryrodo. That is for lazy people who want to take a short cut. As far as earning it yes but ONLY after 23 years of DJJing.Let me add and tell ALL YOU old and new Hip Hop fans. Please Please Please STOP acting like RUN D.M.C. is old and stop acting like you know it ALL just because you just learned about DJ Premier. Their is so much more I like to say but I do not want too bore you with my head acks about so call Hip Hop fans that just use the word to be cool with others.

  • Comment from VIC One

    People People STOP with who is right or wrong. Just talk about it and is what you can learn from it. This why Hip Hop has broken into so many pieces. Because we ALL think we know it ALL and what to do and how to do it. We went from LOVING one an other to using the word hating (on you or me)like their is no tomorrow. Remember Hip Hop is
    a DJ Graffiti B-Boying M.C. and with that come love for US happy moments memories stories NOT all this fighting going on pointing fingers who said she said. Lets make Hip Hop what she use too be and bigger and better.
    What do you think my friend???

  • Comment from Brian

    we don’t have to worry about hip-hop…hip-hop will always be alive and well. the problem is rap music (hip-pop), just because someone is rapping on the track doesn’t mean it’s hip-hop. i believe it’s alright for everyone to have an opinion, but i also believe that people who don’t know what they’re talking about should keep their fuckin’ mouths shut.

  • Peace to that “faggit” Brian tryin to give me a spelling lesson. hahaha That’s all you got, son?! Fuckouttahere!

    And imagine this… You got a few folks over your pad and you’re like “hey guys check it out, I got that brand new Blu album” and you turn on your Laptop, plug in your hard drive and open iTunes. hahahaha Can we say… GAY?! If a real Hiphop cat like myself tells some folks to come listen to something new, I’ll bust out the actual vinyl and drop the muthafuckin needle on that shit and give them the LP cover with all the artwork and credits to them, you know, somethin you can actually hold in your damn hands!!! Imagine havin to look album credits up on a computer cuz you’re a faggit who only has a lame mp3. hahahahahahaha

    I do agree with you about one thing and I been sayin it for a long time… Just because you Rap, that doesn’t mean you are Hiphop.

  • Comment from Brian

    who gives a fuck about album credits…do u read music or do u listen to it??? you can have the record and the artwork, but just remember you PAID for it…me…i got it for FREE. you say mp3s are lame, but what does the huge majority of people use…MP3s. if records are the best way to listen to music then explain to me why cassette tapes replaced them??? also if records are so fucking great how comes cars don’t come with record players installed in the dash??? you see, there is reason why most people don’t fuck with vinyl, because it is not practical. the only reason people still deal with vinyl is because it makes them feel special – “look i’m listening to something less than 1% of the population are listening to”. the “vinyl supremists” need to take a look in the mirror and get off whatever bullshit they are on – stop acting like you’re so fucking better than everyone else. i rest my case.

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    I am following this thread for quite a while…very interesting. Like Marvel’s Watcher i didn’t want to interfere but you know me, when I read bullsh*t I cannot stay quiet

    @Brian : “who cares about the credits?”…what the fuck is that sh*t means. real rap lovers do care…

    D&D studios and its unique sound, Eddie Sancho, Walsh, doesn’t it ring any bells to your fucking mind? why All City’s the actual produced by Premo was not recorded at D&D studios, why so many known rappers are mixing records for some others (sure you know it when you downlaod a mp3)? etc……Primo said on interviews that he collected vinyls noting all those precious information on records.

    You must be a wacko thinking that nothing is linked (like if tracks were poohed from the sky) and that credits are useless, that rap is just an mp3, that artwork is worthless, sound engineers name should be overlooked….when you see a banger you want to know who did it, when, how, where (east coast, west coast, unknown studio)…
    why Ice Cube dissed Cypress? Why the Rugged man said Alchemist stole one of his beat because he didn’t CREDIT him (ohh credit here we go)

    How much information we learned from leaflets in recordss? too many and this why we know about rap, we know the culture and that we are learning everyday (nobody knows everything but ppl want to learn more, willing to at least). and what about the shouts out at the end of the credit? they could indicate you plenty of useful info, right ? why someone has been covered and labelled “traitor” in CNN album, on CNN’s crew picture ? they could also indicate you who rides with who, what are the connections between rappers etc……but no you don’t care !!!

    don’t get me wrong I’ve got mp3 (plenty actually, maybe too many), but I’m not fooled by mp3 so please come correct and don’t compare mp3 with jewels like vinyls (already see a mp3 worths $1000 bucks? i haven’t….).

    so go back to school, keep jerking off over your mp3s worship, and get the fuc* off

    if you had said “sorry i don’t have money to buy vinyls” I would have understood you (my collection is pretty small actually). but YOU you are talking bullsh*t and you don’t even deserve our respect (you will say u don’t want it, easy answer). I’m not asking everybody to get vinyls, but please understand that you miss the most beautiful part of the iceberg.

    Mr I never type a comment with a mistake as I am so smart so i’m correcting “faggit”, please press rewind.

    and last comment : one day when you will give sth to your children or relatives, would you like to give them some artwork vinyls or a 500 gigabyte hardrive ? think about it my friend and get busy. oh you said “I rest with my case”. good for us, stay with your case !

    PS: i hope you will forget my spelling mistakes, I’m no English 🙂

    “i police the underground…” Freddie Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Comment from Brian

    “I’m no English”…so then shut the fuck up – nobody gives a shit what people outside of the U.S. think about hip-hop…just because you listen to something doesn’t mean you’re an expert. glad to see you took a couple hours out of your day to respond to my post. it’s called a “reply” not a “book”. it all comes down to this…people who listen to vinyl think they are better than everyone else…if you don’t believe me read the posts above this one. i rest my case.

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    my pleasure, anytime…also glad to see you took a couple hours out of your busy day “in the kitchen” to read my “book”, showing us all you can actually read. What did I do to deserve such an honor ? 😀

    btw weak reply, no arguments, as expected…

  • Comment from Brian

    why should i argue with you…you got your head jammed so far up your ass that you can’t even see the truth. also, i’m right and you are wrong so what’s the point. on the real, i’ve forgotten more about hip-hop than you will ever learn so just shut the fuck up and keep it moving.

  • Comment from dave

    brian you are a idiot

  • Comment from Brian

    hi dave – no you are idiot and a moron and a douche bag and a retard and a…well you get the picture. seriously though…YALL CAN’T EVEN TRY TO FUCK WIT ME. just my 2 cents and yes yall bum ass niggas can keep the change.

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    @ Brian

    actually you…

    don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger 🙂

  • Comment from john

    @Brian is a faggit

    No doubt about it

  • Real vinyl records? That’s a bit stone age.

  • Comment from T.F MESSI'A

    Premo is right on point. I’ve been A DJ since 1983 I’m from Preems era so, brotha’s like us had to carry heavy ass crates&equipment along with diggin and buying records constantly. Serato has made it a lot easier and more convient for cat’s like us, but it’s hard for me to give credit to a lot of the new comers who only know about this Digital era we’re in now. No-disrespect to the new generation of DJ’s, but when you have walked the walk we have you’ll have a total different perspective.

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