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DJ Premier with Dynamic Duo on Saturday Night Live Korea (Video)

DJ Premier talks about upcoming projects and unreleased Gang Starr tracks

DJ Premier is in great spirits, and for good reason. He’s a fairly new dad, and his success has afforded him the time to be both the DJ Premier that we all know, and the dad his son needs. He’s also taking a leap on the business front. In an independent venture, Premo has put his own shingle into the online world with both his new website and web series “Bars in the Booth,” which through four episodes has featured emcees like Papoose and Dres from Black Sheep. He also just wrapped up a supporting performance alongside Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall in June. So in Premo’s case, life is good.

Business and family aside, his name is attached to a slew of new projects, most notably with MC Eiht and Joey Bada$$. But as is usually the case with Premo, the list is much longer and more extensive and he’s also got a few aces up his sleeve.

“I’m actually doing a couple secret albums,” Premier revealed to DX. “It’s not Nas, but it’s one of many great ones that’s gonna be dropping.”

The most important takeaway from chatting with Premier is how excited he is right now. The website and merchandising are an entrepreneurial manifestation of his lifelong affinity for apparel. Not only is he selling classic DJ Premier threads, he’s getting more involved in the design, and having fun with his successes outside of music.

“I should’ve had the site up back in 2005, but that was me not happy with everything in my circle, and now the team I have, it’s just beautiful. And we all work hard to be Number One. That’s our motto: ‘Work like you’re Number One, and you will be Number One.’” A true savant, DJ Premier has maintained the utmost integrity for more than 20 years. And with age comes wisdom. Whether it’s his own son, his nephew, or even Joey Bada$$, DJ Premier has embraced his status a mentor and leader for the next generation.
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Dwagie (Taiwan) – Classic (經典) (Music Video) (Scratches by DJ Premier)

Taiwan hip hop artist, from the album “Do Not Listen” (不聽), released on 27/2. DJ Premier just did the scratches for this track.

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Nas – Represent (Official Music Video)

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of his seminal debut album Illmatic, Nas held a contest inviting fans to collaborate and produce the official music video for “Represent,” an influential track off of the classic release. This is the first video ever made for the track and was shot at the YouTube Space Los Angeles.

Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier – Animal

This is the other track from Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier’s collaboration.
But it seems like the collaboration “album” “A Giant Step” only contains 2 tracks? Too bad…

Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier – AEAO (Music Video)

First we gave you the teaser, here you got the full music clip.
And if you don’t understand it, lyrics are underneath the video.

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Bars in the Booth: Loaded Lux (Session 5)

Another Episode of BARS IN THE BOOTH (Session 5) With Harlem’s Own Loaded Lux…
Wordplay With The True Sound Of New York.
-DJ Premier

Teaser & Cover for Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier’s “A Giant Step” Collaboration Album

Dynamic Duo have teamed up with DJ Premier for a collaboration album titled “A Giant Step,” to be released on July 16th. In anticipation of the release, a teaser video has been revealed for their title track, “AEAO.”

The video shows the Dynamic Duo members Choiza and Gaeko, along with DJ Premier represented by miniature models. The stop-motion technique in the video gives it a unique touch while a preview of their track “AEAO” plays in the background.

The album, along with the “AEAO” music video, will drop on July 16th. Dynamic Duo and DJ Premier are also expected to perform in a live showcase on the same day to promote the release.

Check out the teaser video for “AEAO” below!


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Behind The Scenes at Nas Upcoming Video for “Represent”

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, Nas and Mass Appeal held a contest inviting fans to collaborate and produce the official music video for “Represent.” The winner, Brian Katz, was chosen to create the first video ever made for the track, which was shot at the YouTube Space Los Angeles.

Katz collaborated with Mass Appeal’s own Jason Goldwatch to create an inspired set of visuals.

“As someone who has had Illmatic in heavy rotation for the past 20 years, the opportunity to represent as a true fan in sharing my vision with Nas and have Jason Goldwatch help bring that vision to reality is proof positive that indeed ‘The World is Yours,’” Brian Katz said in a press statement.

The video is influenced by the soundtrack to the 1924 silent film, The Thief of Bagdad, which DJ Premier sampled on the song. The original organ score performed by Lee Erwin inspired Katz and Goldwatch to create visuals that attempt to draw parallels between the film’s protagonist and Nas.

Before the full video drops, watch some behind the scenes footage of the video shoot in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for the “Represent” video.


DJ Premier’s Five Favorite Beats Of All Time

For over two decades, DJ Premier has provided hip-hop junkies with classic production supporting some of the genre’s biggest artists. His ability to craft beats seamlessly with his scratches and boom bap sound has always placed smiles on people’s faces, and his methodical approach in the studio has etched him into firmly into hip-hop history as one of the greatest producers to ever do it. Besides landing on tracks with Jay Z, Nas and The Notorious B.I.G., he’s also always been appreciative of the artform that he helped developed. DJ Premier sat down with XXL to break down his five favorite beats of all time.

1. Eric B. and Rakim – Eric B. Is President (Produced by Eric B.)

DJ Premier: Just because I’m a real big James Brown fan. No one had taken the drum roll and the hit off of “Funky President” and make it play the “Over Like A Fat Rat” melody from Fonda Ray [starts beat boxing] and make it go [continues beat boxing] and back into the drum beat, and then bring the music back in. The way it just came around, I just never heard an arrangement that funky, but simple. And with Marley Marl’s handles on it. It just made it official.

2. Biz Markie – Biz Is Goin’ Off (Produced by Marley Marl)

DJ Premier: You know, the way Biz rhymed to it and [Big Daddy] Kane wrote it. It was just a record that you can’t deny. It was that funky. The way Marley was just stepping and stuttering of his kicks, and the delays and echoes. It was everything.

3. EPMD – So What Cha Sayin’ (Produced by Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith & DJ Scratch)

DJ Premier: This [record] just blew my fucking mind. I was like, “This was not right.” It was not right. Who does that? Who just murders a thing like that? One of the greatest records to be done in hip-hop is “So What Cha Sayin’.”

4. Nas – The World Is Yours (Produced by Pete Rock)

DJ Premier: That was a bonafide Pete Rock and Nas collabo.

5. MC Shan – The Bridge (Produced by Marley Marl)

DJ Premier: To take the record scratching and put it in reverse and go [makes scratching effects] and then [add] “The Bridge, The Bridge, The Bridge.” It just sounded like, “What is that?” All the echoes on Shan’s voice were unreal. It was unreal.

Source & Props to XXLMag

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