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Bumpy Knuckles – Amerikkkan Black Man

Last we heard a new Bumpy Knuckles DJ Premier collabo was back in 2006, that’s three years ago!! Too long, so I decided to ask on Freddie’s radio show if he has some exclusive Premo shit. And this is what I could record, but he has more, he has some more of this… This track is probably recorded in 2006/07 for his upcoming album “American Black Man“, the song is also called “Amerikkkan Black Man“. So enjoy and hopefully we can hear more in the future, he and Preem are the original O.G.’s!! FONKY!

Bumpy Knuckles – Amerikkkan Black Man (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Tha Blaqprint Cover & Tracklist


  1. I-Gettin (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  2. U Phucc’D Up (Feat. KL) (Prod. by Easy Mo Bee)
  3. Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  4. What’s The Deal? (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  5. Legendary Pt. 1 (Feat. Nick Javas & NYGz) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  6. Hood Crazy (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  7. Voices (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  8. Hate (Feat. N.O.R.E.) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  9. Sichuwayshunz (Prod. by Gemcrates)
  10. Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns (Feat. Panchi & Imani Montana) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  11. S.O.S. (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  12. Let The Guns Blow (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  13. Don’t Give A Fucc (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  14. Rap Addiction (Feat. Lil’ Fame & Shabeeno) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
  15. Never Goodbye (Tribute to KL) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Another DJ Premier Blog exclusive, shout out to Year Round Records, status: coming spring 2009!

Grand Royal Snippet

Oh no, the new tracks are floating like my dice on ice. Remember when I said DJ Premier recorded in the studio a track with Capone-N-Noreaga last year for their upcoming album? That track was first called “Invincible Pt. II” but Premo changed it too “Grand Royal“. I was waiting on this track, and now their is a snippet avaible (off “Channel 10“, coming march 17th):

Capone-N-Noreaga – Grand Royal (Snippet) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

This Thursday

Illmatic 15th Anniversary

One of hip hop most notable albums was released 15 years ago, enough reasons to have a reunion with the creators of this masterpiece. Thanks to the latest issue of XXL Magazine we have this nice read about the situation of every track on the album. I had a little fun with copy past, I copied all the thoughts on the DJ Premier produced tracks for y’all, enjoy:

(Click on the picture to read)

Shout out to thomasv for the hook up! C’mon Nas, who the fuck is Damian Marley?!

Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction

NEW PREMO FIRE YES SIR, first of all: I listen to LiveFromHQ now for two months without any new joints, I couldn’t listen for one time and BAM, new DJ Premier song. Second, I get almost fifty mails of people who want to hear the joint as quick as possible, didn’t knew this blog was that famous! Even have a couple aggressive mails too looool. But like I promised, I have it!

And what can I say, the song is fire. The sample is hardcore as usual with three hardcore rappers: Blaq Poet, Lil’ Fame and Shabeeno (of NYGz). Hip Hop will have his eyes open when Tha Blaqprint” drops, that’s for sure now. Enjoy, DJPremierBlog, how we always do it I guess, shout out to DJ Premier:

Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction (Featuring Shabeeno & Lil’ Fame) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

DJ I-Dee is in Deep Concentration

Most of you will probably already seen this, but why not post it on this blog. This song was original made 20 years ago, maybe Preem can make a new one today… One of the best…

LiveFromHQ 21/02/2009

I didn’t listen, could somebody tell me if there was a new joint?

DJ Premier coming to The Netherlands

I know the peeps from The Netherlands are now waiting a couple of years already to go see DJ Premier again. I got some good news, he is coming to Amsterdam on 28/03/2009. The venue is the famous “Melkweg” and the price is only €8 pre. He is featured as special guest. I won’t go, saw him already a couple of times. Only if he plays in Belgium!

Source: Melkweg

LiveFromHQ Playlist 06/02/2009


  1. Raekwon – Criminology 2 (Feat. Ghostface Killah)
  2. Bumpy Knuckles – Yes, You Can
  3. M.O.P. – Blow The Horns
  4. Termanology – Say It (Feat. Sheek Louch, Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway)
  5. D.I.T.C. – Boys Is Doin’ It (Feat. Boss Money)
  6. Blaq Poet – Too Strong
  7. Rick Ross – Kiss The Pinky Ring
  8. Rob Quest – My Way
  9. Royce da 5’9″ – Shake This
  10. Termanology – Spazz Out
  11. Grandmaster Caz – 4 Bar Funk
  12. DJ Suss One – Who Shot Ya 2009 (Feat. Red Cafe, Uncle Murda & Maino)
  13. Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
  14. Chubb Rock – Rock And Roll Dude
  15. Chubb Rock – It’s So Hot
  16. Chubb Rock – Just The Two Of Us
  17. Chubb Rock – The One
  18. 3rd Bass – Kick Em In The Grill (Feat. Chubb Rock)
  19. Chubb Rock – Caught Up (Remix)
  20. Chubb Rock – Stop That Train
  21. Chubb Rock – Ya Bad Chubbs
  22. Chubb Rock – Treat Em Right
  23. Chubb Rock – Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Guests: Hot Dog, on the phone with Chubb Rock & Justin Hartwig