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DJ Babu Talks About The Time He Saw A Wild Fan Punch DJ Premier

NYGz – G’Shit (Feat. G-Dep) (Prod. by Thorotracks) (Mixtape Rip)

So this is the track NYGz recorded with G-Dep just before he turned himself in. Too bad it’s not produced by DJ Premier but oh well. G-Dep is sentenced to 15 years of jail in 2011. Listen:

NYGz – G’Shit (Feat. G-Dep) (Prod. by Thorotracks)

Ripped from DJ Doo-Wop’s lastest mixtape “Mixtapes Not Dead Pt 2”, available here. Props to Kemel for the heads up!

CORRECTION: This track was recorded in 2008 for “Welcome 2 G-Dom”, it didn’t make the LP because it was never a final version. There is another track NYGZ recorded with G-Dep just before he turned himself in. It’s called “Clown Music” for their upcoming LP “Hustlaz Union”.

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Lil Dap – Code Of Silence (Prod. by Lewis Parker) (Music Video)


Spesh – The Meeting (Feat. Kool G Rap) (Music Video)

De La Soul Will Record Their Pete Rock/DJ Premier Mixtape Next Month

Earlier this year, both De La Soul and Pete Rock confirmed that a new project, set to be called Premiem Soul On The Rocks, was in the works which would be entirely produced by both Rock and DJ Premier. Originally scheduled to be an EP, the collection will now take the form of a mixtape, which the famed Long Island trio consisting of Posdnous, Dave and Maseo will begin working on this September.

“Right now we’re just accumulating beats,” Dave told XXL in a phone interview earlier today (Aug. 4). ”The guys have been sending us beats. No real idea of what the theme is gonna be, the theme behind the title, what that’s gonna be, if it’s gonna be skits, if it’s gonna be songs, remakes, whatever it is. Right now we’ve just been accumulating beats and waiting for Premier to handle some stuff as well. So it’s still in its early stages, but we actually plan on recording through the month of September for it, so we’re getting on it.”


Live From HeadQCourterz (05/30/2014)