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DJ EFN – Who’s Crazy? (Feat. Troy Ave, Scarface, Stalley & DJ Premier)

New leak produced by DJ Premier, off DJ EFN’s upcoming project “Another Time” available March 3rd.

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Big Shug – Off Rip (Feat. Termanology & Singapore Kane) (Music Video)

Live From HeadQCourterz (11/28/2014)

Big Shug – Off Rip (Feat. Termanology & Singapore Kane) (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

New DJ Premier production from Big Shug’s upcoming album, ripped from LiveFromHQ, featuring Boston artists Termanology & Singapore Kane. Check it out:


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Big Shug’s New Album “Triple OGzus” Out March 17th

Original Gang Starr Foundation memeber Big Shug is coming with a new album next month since “I.M. 4-EVA” released three years ago. With three DJ Premier productions!! Snippets below.

After trailblazing around the globe numerous times with Gang Starr as a core member of the Gang Starr Foundation, Big Shug, who has appeared on Gang Starr’s classics such as 1994’s Hard To Earn “F.A.L.A.,” 1998’s Moment Of Truth “The Militia” and 2003’s Gold-certified The Ownerz “Capture” (Militia Pt.3), follows up his last street savvy endeavor, I.M. 4-EVA (2012), with his new project, Triple OGZus, which will be released on 3/17/15.

While MoSS, Reel Drama and Kidd Called Quest contribute production, staying true to the Gang Starr Foundation formula, Big Shug recreates his indelible bond with DJ Premier on the albums two singles and videos, “Off Rip,” which also features Termanology and Singapore Kane, and “I Bleed For This”. Preemo produces three tracks in total on Triple Ogzus and as Shug states, the bond the two have fostered over the years only continues to grow “Premier is my brother, and with all the technology, and changing faces, we are still the same. We are on the same page when we make songs, we still bug out. We represent the Gang Starr legacy. And we are serious about that!”

Big Shug explains “Triple OGzus represents me as a street veteran, underground icon and original gangster who is always wise to the game. I love the fans and will always represent authentic hip-hop music with my soul.”


1. I Am Somebody (Prod. by DJ Premier)
2. I Bleed For This (Prod. by DJ Premier)
3. The Reason (Prod. by Gem Crates)
4. Days Go By (Prod. by Big Shug)
5. Never Change (Prod. by Reel Drama)
6. Not A Fan (Feat. Reks & Termanology) (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
7. Triple OGzus (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
8. Make That Body Do (Prod. by Reel Drama)
9. Off Rip (Feat. Termanology & Singapore Kane) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
10. 2 Good (Feat. Trumayne) (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
11. All In (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
12. Showtime (Feat. M-Dot & DJ Djaz) (Prod. by DJ Brans)
13. Make Moves, Get Money (Prod. by MoSS)
14. Get It (Feat. Singapore Kane) (Prod. by Reel Drama)
15. Relationships (Prod. by Reel Drama)
16. Chase Then Ball (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
17. Soldiers It’s War Out Here (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
18. In The Rain (Prod. by Charles Roane)

Out March 17th via Brick Records! Boston!

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Live From HeadQCourterz (11/21/2014)

DJ Premier Live Band Sneak Peak