DJ Premier Blog » New Official Gang Starr Tribute T-Shirt by Year Round Records

New Official Gang Starr Tribute T-Shirt by Year Round Records

DJ Premier rocking the shirt at Rock The Bells LA ’10

Coming soon through Premo’s label Year Round Records…

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21 Responses to “New Official Gang Starr Tribute T-Shirt by Year Round Records”

  • Comment from jp

    is there a link to a site where we can buy it?

  • Comment from darkstar

    holy shit! this is insane! i wanna have’ em!

  • Comment from Articulate1

    I must have this. How can I order or buy this? Gang Starr fo’ life!

  • yeah i wanna cop a couple myself! Salute Premier

  • Comment from shawamar

    I NEEDS several of these..

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    yeah man. I definitely want to own some of these Tees.

  • Comment from DJ85

    I want this shirt SO bad…hope it’s available to buy soon

  • Comment from marlin


  • Comment from Dj RealSoul

    To good to be true.I just need’ em! Link the page up when its in store! Gang Starr Forever

  • Comment from Bogodile aka Boogie

    I need that ASAP :-)

  • Comment from PlumbCrazy

    Did these ever go sale?

  • Comment from bls

    i need info too!. i saw this on the BET hip hop awards and my DH wants one for xmas

  • Comment from AcHe

    sup everyone!! how can i get this t-shirt. im a old school gangtarr head and i want that t-shirt rush. i need more info, please helph me. and one other question, these people make in shipping to puerto rico?

  • Comment from Where R Tha Shirts?!

    Only Premier and his crew can rock em. Or some lucky scumbag who wins one on his show. The real cats are denied access. Can’t even represent Gang Starr or GURU. They’re being fucking selfish when everyone’s been wanting them for almost a year now. Man, let them loose already!

  • Comment from Kick Premo Off the GS Bus

    Premier hogging shirts now. Real heads can’t even rep the legacy. Let them loose!

  • Got to cop a few of these!

  • Comment from al

    we want shirts! dont wanna buy a bootleg, BUT MY BACKS GETTIN COLD!

  • Comment from Rad

    When and Where We can buy it?

  • Comment from EL

    Man need this shirt! R.I.P Guru!

  • Comment from Mike

    Wheres the T-Shirts!? I want to represent GANG STARR!!! Shit was posted August 26th 2010 at 7:11 PM by gimantalon & here we are 2012 going into 2013 we real mother fuckers that supported & still support GANG STARR from day one! cant buy a fuckin’ T-Shirt!?

    Premier much love, but you ain’t right! same way as like you don’t fuck with half steppers, you doin’ it to us hardcore fans!

    Come on now!?

  • Comment from MandHitAzz

    ahhh I really want this T-Shirt!!! It’s one of the best yet.

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