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Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito B-Side Show #2 (With DJ Premier & Jeru the Damaja) (1996)

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito – B-Side Show #2 (With DJ Premier & Jeru the Damaja) (1996)

Rare and nice! With unreleased DJ Premier instrumentals for everybody, right? This one was used in 1998:

Props to Dirty Waters!

Recording Of DJ Premier Making A Never Released Mixtape

This is unreleased right?

Back To Basics by Christina Aguilera Mini Docu

Aral & Sauzé – Hardtimes (Feat. The Lords Of The Underground) (Prod. by Aral)

Supporting my homies from Brussels, Belgium. Doing it big with LOTUG! For those who like it, you can download the single for free with the instrumental, edits & accapella! Click here.

DJ Premier With Hypetrak Clip

The New Preemo Is A Houston Rapper

In a feature article about you on The Rap Up, it was stated that you will be a headache once you figure out what to call yourself, adding that there is only room for one Preemo in hip-hop. How did you come up with that name for yourself, and are you worried that you will suffer backlash for having a name that is the same as DJ Premier’s nickname?

No, not at all. To answer your first question, they used to call me “Slim.” And obviously another “Slim” (Eminem, aka Slim Shady) came out. I came up during that era. I was with a friend of mine and we were going to a club in Mexico and he said I need a new name. Well what happened was, we got in line at the club in Mexico, and it was our turn to go in and the bouncer said “Esperate, primo” (which means, “hold up, cousin” in Spanish). Me and my homeboy we knew. It was just one of those moments, like a light-bulb went off. Back then nobody was calling Premier “Preemo.” I spelled it p-r-i-m-o, but we found out that it was copyrighted by an Italian company.

Just postin’, if you don’t know now you know haha. You can check more music of him here. I think there is also a german DJ Premier who spins electro/house. And wasn’t Guru once mad at Young Guru for his name?


LiveFromHQ Footage with Dynasty

She deserves it.

Live From HeadQCourterz (04/08/2011) (Filled in by DJ Stretch Armstrong)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (04/08/2011)

Damn you Panchi, you made me cry again. LMAO.

Edo G – A Face In The Crowd (Album Sampler)

Hip-Hop stalwart Edo G is set to return with A Face in the Crowd, his first album since 2009′s collaborative effort Arts & Entertainment with Masta Ace. Loaded with high profile guests and an All-Star production team, the album will hit stores and be available digitally on May 17th.

With A Face in the Crowd, Edo returns to mark the 20-year anniversary of his classic debut album, with a hunger to bring real hip-hop back to the forefront. The album features guest appearances from Special Teamz crew of Jaysaun (Kreators) and Slaine (La Coka Nostra), Bishop Lamont, Chali 2Na, and M1 (Dead Prez), with production from DJ Premier, Statik Selektah, Explizit One, M Phases, The Breaks, Young Cee and others.


  1. Fastlane (Prod. by DJ Premier)
    Life (Interlude)
    I Was There
    Stop It
    Rappers (Interlude)
    Dummies (Feat. Bishop Lamont & Def Jeff)
    Black Power (Interlude)
    Righteous Way
    Like That (Feat. Slaine & Jaysaun)
    Beat (Interlude)
    Only You (Feat. Amandi)
    Ain’t Gonna Wait
    Drink Up
    One Two (Feat. JTronious)
    Life (Feat. Chali 2na)
    Speak Ur Mind (Feat. M1)
    World on My Shoulders (Feat. Made Men)
    Time Bomb (Outro)

Edo G – A Face In The Crowd (Album Sampler)

2012 WINNER! What a beat!!! Support!! Please press this on vinyl…

Live From HeadQCourterz (04/01/2011) (Filled in by Da Beatminerz)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (04/01/2011)

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