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Edo G – A Face In The Crowd (Album Sampler)

Hip-Hop stalwart Edo G is set to return with A Face in the Crowd, his first album since 2009′s collaborative effort Arts & Entertainment with Masta Ace. Loaded with high profile guests and an All-Star production team, the album will hit stores and be available digitally on May 17th.

With A Face in the Crowd, Edo returns to mark the 20-year anniversary of his classic debut album, with a hunger to bring real hip-hop back to the forefront. The album features guest appearances from Special Teamz crew of Jaysaun (Kreators) and Slaine (La Coka Nostra), Bishop Lamont, Chali 2Na, and M1 (Dead Prez), with production from DJ Premier, Statik Selektah, Explizit One, M Phases, The Breaks, Young Cee and others.


  1. Fastlane (Prod. by DJ Premier)
    Life (Interlude)
    I Was There
    Stop It
    Rappers (Interlude)
    Dummies (Feat. Bishop Lamont & Def Jeff)
    Black Power (Interlude)
    Righteous Way
    Like That (Feat. Slaine & Jaysaun)
    Beat (Interlude)
    Only You (Feat. Amandi)
    Ain’t Gonna Wait
    Drink Up
    One Two (Feat. JTronious)
    Life (Feat. Chali 2na)
    Speak Ur Mind (Feat. M1)
    World on My Shoulders (Feat. Made Men)
    Time Bomb (Outro)

Edo G – A Face In The Crowd (Album Sampler)

2012 WINNER! What a beat!!! Support!! Please press this on vinyl…

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19 Responses to “Edo G – A Face In The Crowd (Album Sampler)”

  • Comment from Gaëtan

    It’s good to know him back ! Great song !

  • Comment from O.B.G.

    hope it’s not a sample and that premo totally composed that beat, it doesn’t have the usually Premo’s chop style.

  • Comment from VonzeyEternity

    When can I get that CDQ of Fastlane? That beat is straight fire.

  • Comment from yoyo

    THIS IS INSANE!! Album sounds really good!!

  • Comment from Phil

    this is hot …Preemo continues to amaze us after all these years. The whole sampler is solid also.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    @O.B.G. What you talkin’ bout, samples are the best!

    Seems like a pretty decent project. Props to Edo

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Yeah I agree it doesn’t sound like a top Preemo beat. I still think his best so far is the Vigilantes, Blaq Poet remix.

  • Comment from sickstar

    What’s up with the ultra crappy artwork for this album? is edo g trying to NOT sale this thing. With all the super talented graphic designers all over the place, I’m sure for a couple hundred bucks he could of gotten something quite nice.

    BLEHHH to crappy artwork, I know its suppose to be all about the music and everything, but for me, its an entire package that helps sale vinyl and cd’s. Call me a suckah for judging by the cover, but step ya game up, its 2011.

  • Comment from LG ROC

    Tear for that.A beautiful instrumental.

  • Comment from Al

    Primo’s back ! Nothing better than samples ! 100% primo style !

  • Comment from candana

    DOPE!!!”I was there” is my shit oh my god

  • Comment from jj


  • Comment from Neil

    @sickstar, I think the point of the cover is reminiscent of the past. Nostalgic is a better word for it, compared to the present. My dude, Edo didn’t want no glamour, glittery, shiny, fake rap cover! Big Up to Primo and Edo!

  • Comment from kam

    “put the smoke alarm on duke” premier comin back through it wit a banger, classic bassline, and edo dope as usual

  • Comment from yoyo

    OK you fucking idiots!!!

    1. The beat is DJ PREMIER STYLE and if you can’t hear that you don’t know SHIT about Preemo!!

    2. The artwork does not suck. It’s not very interesting, but it’s OK. There is NOTHING wrong with it.

    peace the fuck out

  • Comment from who shot john

    primo and ed really make some heart felt songs. I wish kev brown would have got on this album. Low Budget crew is really holding down the realness.

  • Comment from big phill

    this album is looking like a first day purchase…this needs to be on wax if possible……when does this drop

  • Comment from big phill

    never mind, i didn’t see the date at first

  • Comment from jay

    This album started off strong as hell, then faded away with weaker beats and R&B faggots all over the tracks on the second half of it. I don’t know why underground rappers have been doing that shit so much as of late. smh

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