DJ Premier Blog » Charli Baltimore Wants DJ Premier on her Upcoming Album

Charli Baltimore Wants DJ Premier on her Upcoming Album

Charli Baltimore is back!! She busy recording for her new album which remains still untitled, but the release date is already confirmed: 04/24/2012. Her only record with DJ Premier “Everybody Wanna Know” is already 12 years old, but a reunion is in the making. Charli Baltimore, now signed to “Gracie Productions”, wants to work again with DJ Premier. And great news: it probably will happen, because DJ Premier’s label “Works of Mart” is currently working together with her label to release his collabo album with Bumpy Knuckles! Everybody still wanna know!

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One Response to “Charli Baltimore Wants DJ Premier on her hot gay porn Upcoming Album”

  • Comment from Blaze

    Thank you for intel, hope shes doin fine and bring us a deep and good rap album. Love YOU charli, i`ll wait 4 you in switzerland. buy drugs online Keep it sexy girl..
    Generall thanks to .. keep up doin da good work!!
    one LOVE, Blaze

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