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Torae – For The Record (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

Here’s the track Torae did with DJ Premier for his upcoming album that has the same title, out tomorrow! Enjoy your eargasm:

Torae – For The Record (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ


Afu-Ra – Big Boyz (Feat. Vinnie Paz, C Ray Walz, Guilty Simpson, Nine, El Da Sensei & Hannibal Stax) (7 Remix) (Prod. by Mike Rone)

Here’s a new track from Gang Starr Foundation member Afu-Ra, it’s from his upcoming album “Voice Of A Brooklyn Star” out in February ’12. The should have drop in September, but his studio in Switzerland caught on fire a day before the release day. He lost a lot of records from that album. But now he’s back in NYC to record new stuff for that album. A new DJ Premier collabo? Who knows… Here’s the first single which is a remix, here’s the clip to the original. Enjoy:

Afu-Ra – Big Boyz (Feat. Vinnie Paz, C Ray Walz, Guilty Simpson, Nine, El Da Sensei & Hannibal Stax) (7 Remix) (Prod. by Mike Rone)

Out on iTunes very soon, support!! Peace to Mike Rone for keeping it streets.

Exclusive: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – B.A.P. CDQ

Here we have a new single for DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles upcoming collaboration album “The Kolexion” on Works of Mart/Gracie Productions, enjoy:

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – B.A.P.

Note: This beat was made for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, but send in too late by DJ Premier…

DJ Premier & The Berklee Symphony – Regeneration (Feat. Nas) CDQ

DJ Premier’s new Classical remix for RE:GENERATION featuring Nas and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy:

DJ Premier & The Berklee Symphony – Regeneration (Feat. Nas) (Prod. by DJ Premier & The Berklee Symphony)

DJ Premier was given Classical and began his immersion into the genre with Bruce Adolphe, a former classical music professor at Juilliard. They met at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music not far from DJ Premier’s home in NY. After learning about classical music theory, the inspirations of some of the genre’s most profound composers and how traditional pieces are structured, DJ Premier went out and bought tons of classical symphonies on vinyl to mash up his own creation. We then took that mash-up and orchestrated it for sheet music. In the first step of the actual recording process, DJ Premier partnered with Stephen Webber, a professor and conductor at the Berklee College of Music. Steven taught Premier how to conduct and helped him in studio with the 58-piece Berklee Symphony Orchestra you hear on the track. Of all the takes, the one you hear is the “wild” version (which means they recorded it without the metronome in their headphones) DJ Premier conducted himself. Then DJ Premier brought that instrumental track back home to NY and Nas laid down his rhyme on top of it.

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Live From HeadQCourterz (10/21/2011)

Live From HeadQCourterz (10/21/2011)

Exclusive: Showbiz & A.G. – Suspended Animation VIDEO

Produced by Showbiz. Directed by Giff.

DJ Premier: “You Need To Own At Least 1000 Records To Call Yourself A DJ”

What do you think?

Props to @irunsny

Preemish: Tribeca – The World’s Best (Prod. by DJ Cosla)

Wassup Cosla, I remember you from the forum years back !! Dope track man…

M.O.P. Talks Gang Starr Influence

DX: As far as collaborations go, you guys have put in a lot of work with DJ Premier. I want to backtrack for a second, because he’s been quoted as saying “Face Off 2K” is one of his most personal records. What inspired that?

Billy Danze: I wrote that record in the dark. And it wasn’t because I wanted to be in the dark, it was because my motherfuckin’ lights were cut off [laughs]. I was just feeling a way when I wrote the record, and when you listen to it, you see that I stop and start over a couple times. I loved the track so much, and I was going through so much, that I just wrote two verses. I wrote one, and I was like “I don’t love it. I don’t know if that’s hot. Let me try it again.” So I wrote another one. Preme came to the crib to pick me up, and we got in the truck…I don’t know where the hell we were going; we were just driving. And I started spitting the verses and asking him which one he liked better. He said, “Both of them shits is hot, so let’s figure out a way to tie ‘em in.”

DX: You guys stopped in the middle of your set tonight and made the crowd give it up for Guru and DJ Premier. How important is Gangstarr to you professionally and personally?

Billy Danze: Ridiculously important, man.

Lil Fame: To me, Premier is my brother. I grew up on Premier since I was a baby. That was one of my favorite dudes that I used to look up to music-wise. And Guru is just a fuckin’ beast on everything. Although he’s from Boston, we he moved to Brooklyn, that’s what we had. We had [Big Daddy] Kane and we had Gangstarr.

Billy Danze: You can search from as far back as you can remember up until this very moment and you’ll never find anybody like Guru. Nobody. His recording process was so crazy, because he would go in there and spit the rhyme one way. Then he would come out and talk to Premier, go in again and spit the rhyme another way. So by the time he spit it four or five times, that was the complete shit. And he was fucking amazing. His voice was amazing.

And Premier…the passion that this dude has. Let me tell you something: can’t nobody change Premier for nothing in the world. Premier was the last dude on the planet to get Pro Tools. He ain’t following nobody’s lead. It was like, “I like this big ass, heavy table!” I love him for that, and he always keeps it 100% real with us. Premier is the only producer I ever worked with that stopped me and was like, “That line wasn’t dope. You gotta do that again, dude.” Strangely, him and Puffy were the only ones.

DX: Bullshit…Puffy?

Billy Danze: Yeah. Puffy said, “That ain’t no M.O.P. record. Where that shit at?” He’s a good man. I respect his hustle and everything that he’s done. We did a record for the Bad Boys II soundtrack, which he was handling. He heard the record, and he liked it enough to put it on the soundtrack. So when we went over to talk to him, and he was like, “Yo this shit is crazy. The beat and the lyrics are dope, but where that shit at?”


Rap Is Outta Control (10/16/2011)

Rap Is Outta Control (10/16/2011)