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Exclusive: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – B.A.P. CDQ

Here we have a new single for DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles upcoming collaboration album “The Kolexion” on Works of Mart/Gracie Productions, enjoy:

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – B.A.P.

Note: This beat was made for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, but send in too late by DJ Premier…

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32 Responses to “Exclusive: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – B.A.P. CDQ”

  • Comment from mike


  • Lol…
    dem dudes where talking about how GIM was going to leak dis ish…

    This is dopeness!!! Preem really getting it in dis year!!

    Amazing how Jay didnt except this track. smh….

  • Comment from []D[][]V[][]D


  • Comment from DJ Excellence

    I liked the Solar dis ^^

  • Comment from supreemo

    Still reminds allot of RNQ. Same type of beat. But this one is more uptempo. But still if this is the worst track on that album, the album is gonna be fiyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from nOF

    Jay-Z would’ve sound corny rapping over this beat anyway. The beat is that solid ,careless, laid-back shit and Foxxx sounds so good on those kind of beats. One of my fav Preemo beats this year.

  • Comment from rollo

    dope…yo yo yo!

  • this sucks its 2011 people

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Jesus this album better come out soon!

  • Comment from vic g

    jay z woulda sounded ill on this. he shoulda took it

  • Comment from funkdigital

    This is decent at best.

  • Comment from KRIS

    The song is dope. That cover art is incredible. #BAP.

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    Should have been more cuts. It’s not funky enough.

  • Bumpy Knuck and Preem album cant come fast enough for me!

  • Comment from South

    Beat is decent. I understand why Jigga turned down this one. If u listen to the Premo – Jay-Z Collabos so far u can hear that Prem always stepped up his game when he is working with the Big Acts.

  • Comment from rollo

    A lot of faggots get their feelings hurt when Primo does a classic beat! Why is that? Its as though they want Premier to sound like skrillex, homo shit clowns.

  • Comment from Polo Simmons

    It’s funny to hear Jay-Z and Dre reject Primo beats and go and use fuckin’ garbage beats. There wasn’t one beat on Blueprint 3 better than this. Blueprint 3 had no boom bap shit.

  • Comment from katils

    Bumpy Knuck and Preem album cant come fast enough for my

  • Comment from Beep

    Only stupid or too POP MC can refuse this beat. However i think that Jay couldnt kill this beat like Foxxx did. Big Up!

  • Comment from don king

    Sorry but this is a totally generic Premier beat, pretty uninspired. Remember the beats Primo supplied for Industry Shakedown and that era? Part Of My Life? P.A.I.N.E? they were top drawer Primo beats, this is the sort of shit he churns out in 5 minutes for a small fee.

    If you think this is Preem at his best you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Comment from @don king

    generic premier beat = dope beat..
    stop those ridiculous comparisons, just appreciate dope hip hop..

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    It’s not his best at all, but at least it’s fun to listen to. This track is better than anything new I’ve heard this month. So who cares if it isn’t as good as PAINE or Lazy! it’s still Bumpy and Primo giving us new sick beats and sick rhymes. Just enjoy the music.

  • Comment from Tha N

    yo something wrong with you muhfuckas who think this is “average”. bumpy killed it. beat is dope.

  • Comment from Phuc.Yew

    Giving this beat to gay-z would of been a waste. He’s easily one of the most overrated emcees to have ever touched a mic. Dick sucking lips can’t rap to save his life. But BUMPY! You the fucking god man!

  • Comment from rollo

    The thing is I’m sure most of you remember..people used to HATE on Guru while he was alive..saying he didn’t deserve preme’s beats, old fashioned boring flow, etc…go check back on the forums from late 2003 onward you’ll be shocked at how Guru was maligned..

    Now that Guru is gone EVERYONE pays homage, even though a lot of those cats were TWO FACED when Guru was alive.

    I have issues with Primo being repetitive at times, but guys with DJ PREMIER WE ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS!. Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Like them Premier is a god who is working among us…we should appreciate it while he’s with us.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    so many dickriders here…and y’all call yourselves Preme fans.

    dickriding is at an all-time high in hip hop. No wonder there’s so much mediocre shit. What’s the difference between slurping up this mediocre fucking record and some Young Money groupie slurping up whatever dumb song Wayne puts out?

    lowered standards everywhere; underground and mainstream.

  • Comment from who shot john

    Preem always keeps it funky. Would love to hear a Bumpy/ Blaq poet Joint.

  • Comment from B-Plus

    The critics are out like they tryin to get the cover of the next…Essence Magazine? Funky beat, and Bumpy got hiz in. Nice intro to this anticipated collab.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah


    His shit may have been mediocre this year, but this shit right here, I’m not sure how you can let this one down. Bumpy does not need an insane beat to make himself sound good. He’s one of the only ones still doing the hardcore shit. You can tell that Preme has gone back to his roots on this one.

    I’m not sure what exactly you want from Preme, I’ve been criticizing his shit too, but come on.

    Do you want the 1996 Premo or something? With those shady Oberheim DMX drums that he doesn’t use anymore? Can you describe to me exactly what you want?

  • Comment from Shidden

    here is freddie foxxx aka bumpy knuckles over a beat of mine… enjoy:

  • Comment from Dj Sen Star

    how the fuck you give jay-z a beat like this…. good for bumpy knuckles stiff flow

  • Comment from Dj Sen Star

    killing my ears… premier last hot beat was “opportunity knock” nick javas and regeneration thats classic….

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