DJ Premier Blog » A-Trak Names “Ten Crack Commandments” As His 3rd Favorite Sample Flip

A-Trak Names “Ten Crack Commandments” As iphone porn His 3rd Favorite Sample Flip

A-Trak: “Premier beats were always so iconic that you became ultra-familiar with the samples, and then one day you’d hear the original source and it would be just a couple passing notes in the middle of a song and you’d respect him even more for noticing that section! I could easily do a Top 10 Sample Flips of just Premier. The “Ten Crack Commandments” beat speaks to me in particular because he scratched the sample and it make the scratching part of the production. It wasn’t a solo, it became an essential part of what the sample brought to the track.”

“Ten Crack Commandments” samples Les McCann – “Vallarta” (ABC, 1977).

Click here for A-Trak’s 10 Favorite Sample Flips.

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