DJ Premier Blog » The Game – HVN4AGNGSTA (Feat. Master P) CDQ

The Game – HVN4AGNGSTA (Feat. Master P) CDQ

The Game gave us this early present today:

The Game – HVN4AGNGSTA (Feat. Master P) CDQ

Note: this is the version without scratches!! :(

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11 Responses to “The Game – HVN4AGNGSTA (Feat. Master P) CDQ”

  • Comment from Arti

    This is gonna be on the album right cuz now that I just saw the “tracklist” dunno if it’s official or not but i saw that the HVN4AGNGSTA track is not there :(

  • Comment from LG ROC

    nice flip!
    nice brake!

  • Comment from Truth Powell

    Seriously what is up with Preme. These are beats that should be going to rappers like Nas, Jay, and 50. NOT corny ass Game and Master P.

    Being a an of the music he should understand this. He’s tainting his legacy.

  • Comment from terrytee

    Good song for sure, but is it my imagination or is Game trying to sound like Rick Ross

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    I hope this beat grows on me….

  • Comment from seb

    doesn’t sound like a premier beat. it’s a nice, but i expected something better.

  • Comment from haidar

    I hope this beat grows on me. 😀

  • Comment from Dick B

    Dope, nice change of style for Preem here.

  • Comment from YoJeezee

    I think Primo is following that no added drums fad with this beat. I got nothing against that shit if the sample warrants it, but this track would’ve benefitted from some classic primo drums and chops.

  • Comment from Bklyn


  • Comment from t.r.

    There never will be a version WITH scratches! I bet!

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