DJ Premier Blog » Khaleel – Never Boring (Feat. Termanology) (Radio Rip) (Scratches by DJ Premier)

Khaleel – Never Boring (Feat. Termanology) (Radio Rip) (Scratches by DJ Premier)

Produced by Termanology, from Khaleel his EP called “EP2014″
Expect a music video for this soon!

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3 gay sex video Responses to “Khaleel – Never Boring (Feat. Termanology) (Radio Rip) (Scratches by DJ Premier)”

  • Comment from Almere

    Can phone porn you mixcloud last nights show?

  • Comment from Truth Powell


    And I’ve only heard the Khaleel stuff from the Year Round Records milf porn comp, but he seems like he’s going to be pretty damn boring too. What a joke this is.

    termanology’s whole schtick is that he loves hiphop, but I guarantee you NO ONE fell in LOVE WITH HIPHOP from listening to his music.
    No magic like listening to 36 Chambers, Illmatic, Enta Da Stage, Main Ingredient, Sun Rises in Interracial Porn the East, DAILY OPERATION, Runwaway Slave, etc etc

  • Comment from what what

    see now you done messed up and will have to list current artists who do create magic like the albums you listed : )

    i would describe termanology’s flow as ‘unravelling’ and his style is his own which is a blessing in 2014. that alone makes him miles better than (insert rapper with generic, teen-angst, nobody understands me whiney pubescent drake sounding voice and copycat flow here). to me he is one of the better artists to rep nyc in recent years. khaleel needs faster more aggresive beats though since he has a dope voice. kind of reminds me of mc ren

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