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New Termanology album dropping this summer with DJ Premier track on it

Group Home Are Back With A New Album “Forever”

Excuse me for being late, nonetheless Gang Starr Foundation members Lil Dap & Nutcracker are back! New album “Forever” is available everywhere thanks to the label “Smoke One Records” from Germany! Get your copy (and limited vinyl, props for that!) now at all the online record shops.


DJ Premier Talks Creating a New Label “TTT”

Legendary Hip Hop producer and turntablist DJ Premier has launched another imprint, TTT (To The Top), a wisely calculated next step in his impressive 30-year career. Although he established Year Round Records in 2003, he wanted to have another way to release music that was outside of his wheelhouse. Consequently, TTT (To The Top) was born.

“I wanted to have a label that would keep the street, gutter stuff in its own lane, one where I could release anything I wanted, how I wanted and where I wanted,” Preemo tells. “I had previous artists like the NYGz, part of Gang Starr Foundation family, Blaq Poet — stuff like that. I wanted to keep that as is. Every time my manager Ian and I handle business, he’s always like, ‘To the top, buddy. To the top.’ He said it so much, even though it got annoying.

“He suggested an alternative label that would keep Year Round going, but we’d have a division where we put out stuff that’s more alternative, a little left field, R&B stuff — whatever,” he continues. “Almost like Motown. We had to figure out a name. He’s great manager, but not the best at names [laughs]. He kept throwing names out and I didn’t like any of them. He finally said, ‘How about To The Top?’ and I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know about that either. It doesn’t really catch.’ For some reason, it happened to click.”

He was also able to confirm singer Torii Wolf as the first official TTT artist. The two released their first collaborative single “1st” in May 2016.

To mark the inception of TTT, the Gang Starr pioneer has shared an alternate version of Miguel’s “Damned,” which originally comes from the singer’s 2016 effort, Wildheart. Titled “2 Lovin U,” this incarnation is met with Preemo’s precise scratches and the updated title. He was surprised Miguel’s label, RCA, was open to the idea.

“I asked if he was cool if we put it out,” he explains. “He’s signed with RCA, so I had to get management and the label to say yes. Usually, they say no to an indie, but they were totally cool with it. Instead of it being Miguel featuring DJ Premier, we flipped it and said DJ Premier featuring Miguel. When it finally came to seeing the light of day, I told him he’s saying, ‘You’re damned to loving you,’ so why don’t we use ‘2 Lovin U?’ That way, it kind of makes it new.”

The collaboration started with a glass of whiskey. While at SXSW in Austin, Texas several years ago, Preemo was posted up at a bar. “I hear a voice like, ‘Yo what are you drinking?’ and I turned around it was Miguel,” he recalls. “He bought my whiskey and the next thing you know, here we are.”

For now, TTT will release a string of singles, including a new one from Torii Wolf, “Big Big Trouble,” and one from a group called Cherub from Tennessee. However, the focus is on Miguel at the moment.

On the Year End side, he’s putting the finishing touches on his collaborative album with West Coast gangster rap vet MC Eiht.

“I’m actually driving right now to shoot my scratch scene for one of the MC Eiht videos,” he says. “I found my old Compton shirt and I’m driving to a parking lot because the director said he needs to shoot me with the sky in the background. I did all of the scratches on his album and we are about to do launch ‘GEAH’ campaign. You’ll see a new Eiht video in next two weeks for sure.”


DMC & DJ Premier Does Knicks 2016-17 Anthem

In an interview with Complex Magazine DMC revealed he worked with DJ Premier for the new Knicks Anthem! Check check:

That shirt you’re wearing [a Run-NYC Knicks shirt] is awesome.
You wanna hear something cool?

Tell me.
Me and DJ Premier just did the new Knicks anthem.

YES. And it’s New York City. It ain’t no EDM, it ain’t no pop music.

Is that dropping soon?
It’s dropping very soon. Just got the final thing. It’s KILLA.

[Starts rapping.] DMC is on the mic, and Preem is on the mix /

That’s all I gotta say. It’s real tough. It was my first time working with DJ Premier. It’s the New York Knicks new anthem. It’s hard.

[Starts rapping.] The attitude and the mood is New York / Nobody can do it like New York / This is how we do it in New York / So let’s show ‘em how we do it in New York / Let’s go!

Is that a sample of what’s to come?

Yeah. And then the beat drops and it’s over.


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Jeru The Damaja – The Dirty Rotten Demos (Last copies!)

The dope guys from Slice-Of-Spice has teamed up with Jeru The Damaja to drop some real heat on wax and this insane picture disc of Jeru’s Original 1991-1992 Demos, entirely produced by G.U.R.U (RIP), is now shipping!
This is the first of several vinyl projects with Jeru, including The Hammer EP & Solar Flares up next. Y’all better believe Jeru The Damaja is still coming clean in 2016!

Be sure to grab this limited edition picture disc while you still can because this will be a rare collectors item soon! (Only 500 copies pressed)

You can stream the full release below:

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Slice of Spice Releasing Another D.I.T.C. x DJ Premier 12inch

I can only applaud that! New 12inch single with a DJ Premier remix on it… Thanks again to Slice of Spice, keeping hip hop and vinyl alive.

A1 Connect 3 (DJ Premier Version)
A2 Connect 3 (DJ Premier Inst.)
A3 Connect 3 (Showbiz Version)
B1 Rock Shyt (Vocal Version)
B2 Rock Shyt (Inst. Version)
B3 Connect 3 (Showbiz Inst.)

Available via Slice of Spice website, Fatbeats and in Europe…


DJ Premier Playing Not Once, but Twice at this Belgian Festival this Summer

Great news for the Premo fans outta Belgium… At Dour Festival he’s not playing once, but twice! Ow yeah, he’s coming with Royce da 5’9″ to represent PRhyme and two days later you can catch him on main stage with his live band The BADDER.

Dour Festival starts the 13th of July and ends 4 days later. More artists who are joining are Wiz Khalifa, Mobb Deep, Kirk Knight, Ta-Ku, … Combi tickets with camping goes from €150.


MC Eiht’s album “Which Way Is West” reportedly finished

Finally! Is that a snippet from the premo track? 😉

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Slice of Spice about to release this limited 10inch DJ Premier remix and more

Ow yes, Slice of Spice still doing there best at what they do best: releasing dope hip hop on wax! This time they will be pressing up Lord Finesse’s Keep The Crowd Listening DJ Premier remix on a 10inch, it’s limited available on the Slice of Spice store. Member of Slice of Spice will have the first chance to lay there hand on this, then it will be available for the big audience. But if this isn’t enough, they bringing out more Lord Finesse on wax. Here’s a list of what they are pressing up in May:

Lord Finesse’s Slave To My Soundwave (Test Press)
Lord Finesse’s Keep The Crowd (Test Pressing)
Lord Finesse’s Midas Era A Cappellas (Test Pressing)

And to make it complete, you can buy a golden bundle for $79.98.

Also the new D.I.T.C. album with a new DJ Premier production on it is available at the store! Support!


DJ Premier performing in Istanbul tomorrow!

Wow, this is the first time I know Premo is performing in the big city of Istanbul! So people from Turkey, this is your chance!!

Red Bull BC One Turkey Cypher 2016

Date: March 27, 2016
Location: KüçükÇiftlik Park Maçka, Istanbul, Turkey
Time: 16:00-23:00

Tickets here.

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