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DJ Babu Talks About The Time He Saw A Wild Fan Punch DJ Premier

De La Soul Will Record Their Pete Rock/DJ Premier Mixtape Next Month

Earlier this year, both De La Soul and Pete Rock confirmed that a new project, set to be called Premiem Soul On The Rocks, was in the works which would be entirely produced by both Rock and DJ Premier. Originally scheduled to be an EP, the collection will now take the form of a mixtape, which the famed Long Island trio consisting of Posdnous, Dave and Maseo will begin working on this September.

“Right now we’re just accumulating beats,” Dave told XXL in a phone interview earlier today (Aug. 4). ”The guys have been sending us beats. No real idea of what the theme is gonna be, the theme behind the title, what that’s gonna be, if it’s gonna be skits, if it’s gonna be songs, remakes, whatever it is. Right now we’ve just been accumulating beats and waiting for Premier to handle some stuff as well. So it’s still in its early stages, but we actually plan on recording through the month of September for it, so we’re getting on it.”


Teaser & Cover for Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier’s “A Giant Step” Collaboration Album

Dynamic Duo have teamed up with DJ Premier for a collaboration album titled “A Giant Step,” to be released on July 16th. In anticipation of the release, a teaser video has been revealed for their title track, “AEAO.”

The video shows the Dynamic Duo members Choiza and Gaeko, along with DJ Premier represented by miniature models. The stop-motion technique in the video gives it a unique touch while a preview of their track “AEAO” plays in the background.

The album, along with the “AEAO” music video, will drop on July 16th. Dynamic Duo and DJ Premier are also expected to perform in a live showcase on the same day to promote the release.

Check out the teaser video for “AEAO” below!


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Behind The Scenes at Nas Upcoming Video for “Represent”

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, Nas and Mass Appeal held a contest inviting fans to collaborate and produce the official music video for “Represent.” The winner, Brian Katz, was chosen to create the first video ever made for the track, which was shot at the YouTube Space Los Angeles.

Katz collaborated with Mass Appeal’s own Jason Goldwatch to create an inspired set of visuals.

“As someone who has had Illmatic in heavy rotation for the past 20 years, the opportunity to represent as a true fan in sharing my vision with Nas and have Jason Goldwatch help bring that vision to reality is proof positive that indeed ‘The World is Yours,’” Brian Katz said in a press statement.

The video is influenced by the soundtrack to the 1924 silent film, The Thief of Bagdad, which DJ Premier sampled on the song. The original organ score performed by Lee Erwin inspired Katz and Goldwatch to create visuals that attempt to draw parallels between the film’s protagonist and Nas.

Before the full video drops, watch some behind the scenes footage of the video shoot in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for the “Represent” video.


Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier To Release “A Giant Step” Collaboration Album

Dynamic Duo and DJ Premier announced their collaborative project album “A Giant Step” which is expected to drop on July 16.

The project album was first proposed by DJ Premier who found interest in working with Korean hip-hop musicians. After hearing Dynamic Duo’s music, DJ Premier contacted the Korean duo immediately for the collaborative proposal.

After releasing the album on July 16, DJ Premier and Dynamic Duo will begin their promotion within Korea.


Studio session with Soulkast & DJ Premier + Album info

Release: September 2014


Maxi-Vinyls “Première salve” and “French Touch” produced by DJ PREMIER

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The D.I.T.C. Remix Project with DJ Premier Single Now Available on Vinyl

Wow, I used to post such information all the time when started 6 years ago. It’s a shame we rarely have vinyl releases anymore with DJ Premier productions on it. But when someone press up DJ Premier, I promote it! And thank to the good folks at Slice-of-spice Records we have another release. They pressed up the D.I.T.C. LP and made a package together with a limited 12″ of the DJ Premier Remix itself! Collectors, buy this shit asap because they are going fast!! Get it here.

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DJ Premier Working with Malaysian Songwriter Yuna Zarai

Twitter is a good source for news updates, like now we know DJ Premier and the famous Asian singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai worked together this week… Probably for a remix!

Nas Covering Mass Appeal of Gang Starr

So DJ Premier is telling us him and Nas are doing the collabo album once Nas contract with Def Jam is finished after this year… And now we have an update on Nas his carreer move, he will be joining the independent label Mass Appeal Records! The label is looking for big releases like a posthumous Pimp C album and the release of Lost Tapes 2 (Nas). And? A DJ Premier collabo album? That should be the deal right… This summer we’ll be seeing a compilation album by Mass Appeal Records with tracks from friends of the label including a cover of Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” by Nas! A new solo album by Nas on the label is planned for 2015. Coolio! Free online video chat Bongacams for man!

Full story here.

DJ Premier Working with Christina Aguilera Again

In a new interview with the Australian magazine Rip It Up DJ Premier give us some updates who he’s working with:

What else is cooking?
I just did a record with Ed Sheeran. We did some cool stuff – we were just experimenting in the studio, but it came out really good – so we got that going… I’m getting into the pop world again. I’ve started working with a group called Rizzle Kicks, who are very popular overseas – we did some cool stuff – and then I’m starting to work on Christina Aguilera’s [new] stuff.

There was talk of a final GangStarr album. Is that still coming?
Yeah – we’re waiting for a few things to get cleared. You know, [Elam's] estate is finally straightened out and it belongs to his son, his 13-year-old son. His mother manages [the estate] ’cause he’s still too young – but she’s a great mother and she’s a really great person… We’ll wait until all the tapes and masters are gathered up – I have a lot of the masters already, but we have a lotta stuff. I gotta [go] through and listen to ‘em, and listen to all those old DATs we found in [Elam's] house, when we cleaned his house out, and all that stuff. So I’ve gotta go through all of those and see if there’s any vocals that we didn’t use before and just see what can be used towards doing a proper album – and then, of course, get Jeru (The Damaja) and Group Home and Big Shug and other [GangStarr] Foundation members to add on to it to make it all complete.”

Rizzle Kicks from England? Cool!


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