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Jeru The Damaja Instrumental LP Auction Ends at $1,226.00

Last week you could bid on 2 unique vinyl items on the famous auction site Ebay. Both “Sun Rises in The East” and “Step in the Arena” are instrumental lp’s pressed by DJ Premier himself to spin at concerts when the albums came out mid 90s. Both albums have DJ Premier produced instrumentals that are never released before. Those two facts plus the unique value of those records made the price go sky rocking in just hours, it’s every vinyl record collectors wet dream to have this hanging in your room. Gang Starr’s “Step In The Arena” was eventually sold for $511.00, while Jeru The Damaja’s “Sun Rises In The East” was sold for $1,226.00 (!). The buyer(s) remains anonymous, but there is a great chance the two lp’s are now heading for Asia. And the seller was not DJ Premier himself to be clear :D.

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6 Responses to “Jeru The Damaja Instrumental LP Auction Ends at $1,226.00”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Man what I would do for the Instrumental LP of Wrath of the Math. My favorite album ever.

  • Comment from Wicked

    I wonder how DJ Premier feels about someone sellin that shit when obviously whoever sold it is someone Preem probably gave that too, or someone associated with the person Preem gave that too. Seems kinda fucked up to sell somethin like that and make a profit when it’s not your profit to be made. I think it’s some fgt shit to be honest. *shaking head*

  • Comment from McFly

    Does it have Instrumentals that have never been released as instrumentals but as tracks or instrumentals that have never been released AT ALL?

  • Comment from Dick B

    Good Christmas gift :p

  • Comment from rollo

    woooooooooo mental staminaaaaaa!

    happy Festivus!

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