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DJ Premier – Penalty Records Promo Mix Fall 1995

Here is something that is recently found back, it’s ripped from a tape back in 1995. Penalty Records just started in that year if I think correct. Premier was asked to make a promo tape for the record label the same year. He mixed artists like Shabazz the Disciple & Lord Finesse (yes, the lord!).

Genre: Hip-Hop
Date: Sep-08-2008
Streetdate: 000-00-1995
Year: 1995
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs: 02
Playtime: 57:57 min
Size: 57,8 MB
Type: Album
Source: TAPE


Source: Fatlace Magazine

Les Négresses Vertes – Voilà l’ Été (Gang Starr Remix)

Update Update Update! To keep it simple on this boring track: It is not produced by DJ Premier! Now to keep it funny: It is produced by Guru! Found this in my libary and this is what it says on the small notes: “Remixe Par Le Guru Pour Guru Productions Inc”.

(Click on the picture to see the real pixels)

Maroon 5 – Secret (DJ Premier Remix) (Snippet)

I just found the snippet today for the Premier remix for Maroon 5:


Lord Finesse – Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix) VLS

Finally, we got a vinyl single for the remix that was leaked since 2006! The remix was originally made for a remix project, Lord Finesse and others where going to remix the legendary “The Funky Technician” LP. Don’t get me wrong, the remix project still excists, but is only delayed for 4 years. It’s sheduled for 2010 when they can celebrate the 20 year anniversary!

The other problem is, the single isn’t really a commercial release. It will only be pressed 200 times and you can only buy it when you buy two copies of Lord Finesse – Rare Selections EP Vol. 3 (that is pressed 300 times). Another problem is one copy cost about $80… They say it’s for the real diggers, I say it’s for the rich bastards…

Well, the single will be in my hands some day 🙂 You can count on that! It also contains a Large Pro remix!

DJ Premier Remix for Maroon 5

Kinda old news, but I guess you couldn’t dream this (haha). Premier is going to do a remix for Maroon 5! To be honest I’m positive against it, because his rnb remixes are mostly straight fire!! The remix is done for a remix album by Maroon 5, with producers like involved like Pharell, DJ Quick, Just Blaze, Mark Ronson, Questlove and even DJ Tiesto!!

“If I Never See Your Face Again” — Swizz Beats
“Wake Up Call” feat. Mary J BligeMark Ronson
“Sunday Morning” — Questlove
“Makes Me Wonder” — Just Blaze
“This Love” — Tricky Stewart
“She Will Be Loved” — Pharrell Williams
“Shiver” — DJ Quik
“Wake Up Call” — David Banner
“Harder to Breathe” — Cool Kids
“Little Of Your Time” — Bloodshy and Avant
“Little Of Your Time” — Of Montreal
“Goodnight Goodnight” — Deerhoof
“Not Falling Apart” — Tiesto
“Better That We Break” — Ali Shaheed Muhammad
“Secret” — DJ Premier
“Woman” — Sam Farrar of Phantom Planet
“This Love” — Cut Copy
“If I Never See Your Face Again” feat. Rihanna Paul Oakenfold

Release date: December 9, 2008


Noisemakers with Peter Rosenberg Featuring DJ Premier

Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg hosts a night of music and conversation featuring famed hip-hop artist and producer DJ Premier, one half of the legendary Gang Starr. Rosenberg will sit down with DJ Premier for a rare one-on-one interview about the life and influences of one of the most creative men in the music industry and screen a never-before-seen video tribute to Premier, featuring special celebrity cameos. Over the course of his impressive career, Premier has worked with artists like Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Mos Def, Janet Jackson, Jeru and Macy Grey and was named one of the five greatest producers in hip-hop history by The Source magazine.

Hot 97 DJ Quiz will spin and jazz hip-hop fusion band Igmar Thomas and The Cypher will also perform, paying tribute to Primo’s music.

Meeting Times: Thu, Dec 11, 2008, 7:00pm doors, 8:00pm talk
Location: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street Directions
Venue: 92YTribeca Mainstage and Lecture Hall
Code: T-MM5LC13-01
Price: $15.00


Blaq Poet – Too Strong

This track is already ripped for a week by me, but now I’m starting a blog I can post it right here for you guys. It’s ripped from LiveFromHQ where preem told me (yeah, personally – how tuff) it’s the B-Side of the newest single for Blaq Poet‘s upcomming album (out in january) called ‘The Blaqprint’. The first single is called ‘Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed’ and is already on his latest mixtape. Ok, this is the B-Side for that single! So people that don’t buy vinyl are unlucky and lucky in a way (hihi), enjoy:

Blaq Poet – Too Strong

First post

First of all: welcome to this blog that’s dedicated to DJ Premier. I’m just starting this blog because I have too much time left and Don-Rif hasn’t (big shout out to Don-Rif for starting this blog shit!). I’ll try to inform you on everything DJ Premier does. I know there is another blog that is dedicated to DJ Premier from a guy from London but he also doesn’t update too often, mostly when preem send him stuff to write about… But don’t worry, he is also here on this blog with us. I hope you people are open minded and show some luvvvv.

This blog works close with his forum (, so time by time you will see posts that are also on the forum where we talk shit all the time (shout out to crackdaddy!).

Mmm that Toblerone is fuckin’ delicious, everybody should buy it!!!! It’s too strong!!!

Ok, now lets start with the serious work… Ohh, and please support DJ Premier! But don’t worry, I’ll post ads to his work when I feel to it. Also big shout to my man FubiZz for makin’ that picture in his creative houres of the day!