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N 2 Gether Now On Trial So 90’s!

Lol wth!

LiveFromHQ 25/07/2009

Bahaha, this weekend was U-God guest at DJ Premier‘s show “LiveFromHQ“. He promoted his new album “Dopium” which is now in stores and features Scotty Wotty, there are only a few fans who know him. But he was the father of Wu-Tang Clan, very dope! Besides all of that the funniest thing happened hahaha, U-God was getting lyrical attacked by an anonymous caller. That shit made my day:

U-God Vs Anonymous Caller (Prod. by KC)

LiveFromHQ Playlist 17/07/2009


  1. Singapore Kane – Mollywhopped (Feat. Big Shug)
  2. Focus – Homage to DJ Premier (Feat. Royce da 5’9″, Phonte & Stat Quo)
  3. Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction (Feat. Shabeeno & Lil Fame)
  4. Blaq Poet – Too Strong
  5. Blaq Poet – Hate (Feat. N.O.R.E.)
  6. Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Feat. MC Eiht & Young Maylay) (Queensbridge to California Remix)
  7. 50 Cent – Put Da Work In
  8. Legacy – TKO (Feat. Phonte, Chaudon & Sean Price)
  9. Nick Javas – Live From HQ Promo
  10. Blaq Poet – Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns (Feat. Panchi & Imani Montana)
  11. Nick Javas – Opportunity Knocks
  12. NYGz – Ready?
  13. Blaq Poet – Legendary Pt. 1 (Feat. Nick Javas & Shabeeno)
  14. Blaq Poet – Sichuwayshunz
  15. Blaq Poet – Let The Guns Blow
  16. Blaq Poet – Voices

Guests: Blaq Poet, Nick Javas, Imani Montana with N.O.R.E., MC Eiht & Young Maylay on the phone.

Chi-Ali “No Surrender, No Retreat”

For those who don’t know, I met DJ Premier only one time in person. It was still in the days that 50% believed in the notorious “Don’t Tell Me (DJ Premier Remix)” by Madonna. For those who still don’t know, it was going to be released on a German version of the twelve inch single. But we never found it so I asked Preem about the remix and he told me that he mailed two versions to Madonna and she both rejected them, so I asked him if we would ever hear those remixes and he said that the instrumentals will be on “Beats That Collected Dust” serie so.. Don’t ask me which beats he ment… When I’m going to meet DJ Premier again I have 4 questions and this Chi-Ali record is one of them.

Who doesn’t know Chi-Ali should go and learn a few things, but why should I not explain it in my own words: Chi-Ali was the youngest member of the Native Tongues Posse, at an age of 14(16?) he recorded in 1992 a hip hop debut jewel called “The Fabulous Chi-Ali” with classics like “Age Ain’t Nuthing But A #” and “Funky Lemonade“. It was the only album he made. A few years later he murdered his sisters boyfriend because he owned him 300 dollars and some cd’s. Before he was arrested in Harlem in 1999 (2001?) he was in the program “Americas Most Wanted”. Now he is serving 14(?) years of jail. Sad story…

But there was this track, floating on the internet, produced by DJ Premier, written by Chi-Ali. Most of the people couldn’t tell me where it came from but they all knew the track, the quality wasn’t that good. It could be ripped from vinyl or it could be ripped from a cassette. So I would ask DJ Premier the history behind this record… But I think I know it, it’s ripped from cassette called “Relativity Rap Up Vol. 2 Sampler“. It’s a sampler tape released in 1993 by Chi-Ali’s record company. The scans of the tape tells us it was a track for his upcoming album that never got into retail. So now we know, and we also know there is an unreleased Chi-Ali album… Here are the scans of that tape:


Chi-Ali – No Surrende, No Retreat

Which Gang Starr Foundation member should return; RESULTS!!

I know, it wasn’t a that good poll. You basically knew the number one result without the votes, but I was interested in the number two and three actually. We had tremendous number of votes and that made the follow rank:

  1. Jeru the Damaja (942, 57%)
  2. Group Home (262; 15%)
  3. Afu-Ra (203, 12%)
  4. Bahamadia (155, 9%)
  5. Krumb Snatcha (81, 4%)

Total votes: 1643

Shall it even happen? A new Jeru-Premo collabo, it could be. Jeru is still the most active artist of the whole list. Still touring most of his time with The Beatnuts and Lords of the Underground, they should ran in each other by now. Let just hope one day.. My vote went to Bahamadia, I loved her so much! Where the fuck is she besides participating on Japanese produced records? I truly miss her… For Afu-Ra we got better news I think, he shouted Premo recently for his new album which still isn’t released. And Krumb Snatcha had a new album some months ago without Premo, it didn’t looked like a succes to me. Lets just hope for the better for everybody, only time will tell! Meanwhile you can vote for the new poll, looking for the average age that visits this blog…

Nick Javas – Opportunity Knocks (Radio Rip)

What do we have here? It’s the first official joint by Nick Javas on Year Round Records and produced by the one and only DJ Premier, no joke! And it’s not just a random hip hop track, it has a different concept thought by Nick Javas where he is trying to impress Preem with his lines. After every part Premo reacts with his scratches where Nick Javas reacts again! I assure you’re not going to forget this track so fast. And it feels so right that Preem tracks are getting leaked on the right blog hehe. “Destination Unkown” is coming, not soon, but coming with DJ Premier, Marco Polo, Statik Selektah and probably more… Enjoy!!

Nick Javas – Opportunity Knocks (Radio Rip)

Blaq Poet Interview Pt. 1 @ Harper’s Ferry


Lil’ Fame with Premo Speak on Blaq Poet

Vintage: Gang Starr on Dutch Television 1991

Wow, this is dope! My language is Dutch so.. This is Gang Starr on national Dutch television back in 1991 when they were on tour to promote “Step In The Arena“. It also contains a little docu about boom systems. And for the Dutch people, it has subtitles! Funny how Premo reacts to the sample question.

NYGz – Ready (Radio Rip)

Like I said: NYGz weekend on DJPremierBlog! DJ Premier talked about this record before, it was the beat that 50 Cent rejected but then suddenly used as a loop due to fans request called “Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth“. When 50 Cent rejected the beat Preem gave it to NYGz for their upcoming album. Now we have the full version of the track and it’s fiiiiiiiire. Lol, you could use 50 cent part and add it on the track, then you have NYGz featuring 50 Cent, yeaaaaaaaaah!! I should do PR. And do you remember me saying it would be dope to have a track with the full Year Round Records roster (I wroted it in the comments)? Well, that track is in the making and is going to be released on “Pros N Cons“, and each artist will have a different beat yaya! Even Shabeeno and Panchi! WORD! Now enjoy the second leak of “Pros N Cons” “Ready“:

NYGz – Ready (Radio Rip)