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No DJ Premier on Christina Aguilera’s Next Album

Yes, it’s true! No DJ Premier on Christina‘s Aguilera next album! From the 9 records Preem recorded with Aguilera none of them will be featured on the upcoming album, that is what he said in an interview with Conspiracy Radio last night. The reason why the tracks won’t be featured is cause it won’t fit with the idea and concept of the album, which is futuristic. But DJ Premier assured us that further collaboration is possible in the far future, like with her upcoming movie project “Burlesque. God please, leak those tracks. A lot of people will be pissed I think.

Premo also told us that Nick Javas is getting ready to drop his 12inch and that Gemcrates is signed to Works of Mart. Ow yeah, interesting note about the “Mr. Magic Salute Intro” he did last week: it was created in 20min, he took the beat from his “Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2” and did his thing. No notes on when that is going to be released. Further Conspiracy Radio discussed -in the 30min interview on the phone- the deaths of Mr. Magic, Roc Raida and DJ AM. After that we got the interesting questions about the KRS-OneOutta Here (Demo)track, Royce’s “Street Hop“, and wondering if their were any updates on the Nas and Gang Starr project. Hear it yourself:

DJ Premier on Conspiracy Radio

Big shout out to the people of Conspiracy Radio, thank you!

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