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Listen to LiveFromHQ Now ONLY HERE!!

Finally!! DJ Premier Blog is more than one year old now so it was time to do something that was asked the most. How people could listen to DJ Premier’s weekly show LiveFromHQ. A lot of Europeans aren’t able to listen to LiveFromHQ because they didn’t want to pay for it + they don’t want to get up 4 in the morning… Understandable, if you think I’m home and up every friday night you wrong… Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to upload the show, but that was done in the past without success by some other guy. He got shut by the RIAA. So I’m trying this out now (it’s a long shot): you can listen to it for one week on a stream (you can’t download, record what you want) on DJ Premier Blog TV exclusively. Every wednesday you have the new show on demand! Enjoy while you can people!! Just click on the ‘Latest Videos’ button on this page, or simple click on the ‘On-Demand’ button in this window:

Please tell me what you think!!